Empowering Morocco’s Medical Future with RTMD Innovation

In Morocco, to address the problem of an outdated cold-chain systems that make it difficult to guarantee the safety and efficacy of vaccines, the Government has launched a large-scale national cold-chain equipment upgrading project, with the aim of improving vaccination coverage and the overall level of immunization of the population. This significant move not only concerns the life and health of the people but also plays a key role in promoting social stability and progress.

On February 28, 2024, under the royal directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Professor Khalid Ait Taleb, the Minister of Health and Social Protection of Morocco, made a personal visit to inspect a series of health facilities in the province of Daraa and its surrounding areas. One of the main focuses of this visit was to examine the practical application of RTMD remote temperature monitoring devices provided by Haier Biomedical for vaccine storage and management.

As a key part of this upgrade, Haier Biomedical has supplied advanced RTMD remote temperature monitoring devices, which hold significant advantages over traditional domestic refrigerator vaccine storage methods. The RTMD not only detects, records, and manages the vaccine storage temperature in real time, but also has a perfect remote alarm function, which can immediately notify the relevant staff in case of temperature abnormality or other malfunctions, effectively guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

During the implementation process, Haier Biomedical’s overseas after-sales team provided detailed product training to professionals in Moroccan health centers, enabling them to be independent and autonomous in vaccine management. Currently, this batch of equipment, pre-qualified by PQS standards, has been widely deployed in health centers across Morocco. By strengthening the vaccine delivery system, Haier Biomedical has significantly contributed to the improvement of child health and the development of the global immunization initiative.

In the context of the increasing trend towards the intelligent medical device industry, Haier Biomedical has adopted a variety of communication technologies such as GPRS, 4G, and LoRa to launch three RTMD products: U-COOL, U-COOL-LoRa, and U-COOL Pro. These products meet the customer’s needs for real-time monitoring of cold chain equipment temperatures. Users can remotely view and receive alerts for temperature anomalies, door malfunctions, power outages as key examples, through smart terminals such as computers or smartphones. These devices are suitable for a variety of scenarios, including hospitals, disease control centers, blood stations, and more, catering to refrigerators, cold storage rooms, cold chain vehicles, and other cold chain facilities.

Haier Biomedical’s RTMD system achieves independent operation without the need to integrate with any existing IT infrastructure. With fast, convenient and secure medical intelligent management mode offering, the storage of medical samples in various types of equipment is fully secured through efficient, accurate and high-standard technical means.

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