Empowering Confidence: Elitone Announces New Rebrand and Website Set to Redefine Feminine Wellness

Empowering Confidence: Elitone Announces New Rebrand and Website Set to Redefine Feminine Wellness
Elitone Continues as a Pioneering Force for Women’s Health as It Enters Into This Transformative Chapter

Elitone, a mission-driven company dedicated to improving women’s health through pelvic floor therapy, is thrilled to release its exciting new rebrand and revamped website, signaling a bold step towards empowering women to embrace their confidence and prioritize their pelvic health.

The new Elitone brand represents a commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for feminine wellness. The redesigned logo and visual identity change reflect the brand’s dedication to modernity, innovation, and inclusivity, embracing a fresh, contemporary aesthetic that resonates with women of all ages.

“We understand that women may start to feel helpless about the changes their body goes through, and we want them to trust that this new technology can give them freedom,” recalls Gloria Kolb, CEO. “Our goal in this rebrand is to make Elitone a brand accessible to all.”   

With the intention to express the importance of prioritizing health, the new brand platform encourages women to “Put Yourself Before Your Bladder,” showing that Elitone is proven to work, is quick and discrete, and allows women to become the best versions of themselves. This is seamlessly tied together in the new product statement: Elitone is effective, external, and easy-to-use. It reliably reduces leaks so you can confidently do what makes you, you.

Elitone is a pioneering external pelvic floor therapy that can be discreetly worn beneath clothing for just 20 minutes a day, making it a convenient and accessible option. The treatment is ideal for:

  • Women who experience anxiety over bladder accidents

  • Women who are concerned about traveling far from home

  • Those who cut their workouts short due to leaks

  • Individuals recovering from childbirth

  • Those with busy schedules who cannot commit to in-office treatments

The advanced neuromuscular stimulation targets internal muscles while being gentle on the surface. Elitone serves as an effective pelvic floor exerciser for weak muscles, and Elitone URGE assists in calming overactive bladder muscles. Thoughtfully engineered, rigorously clinically tested, and FDA-cleared, Elitone aims to reduce bladder leaks and provide relief to women dealing with this common health challenge. Elitone is FDA-cleared for use without a prescription, underscoring its safety and effectiveness. 

Gloria Kolb, CEO and co-Founder, was inspired to create Elitone following the birth of her twins. Her journey with urinary incontinence led her to recognize the need for a more convenient and non-invasive solution for women experiencing similar challenges.

Gloria Kolb, along with co-founder Eric Kolb, harnessed their professional experience in designing medical devices to develop a better solution. After eight years of dedicated research and development, Elitone offers thousands of women an opportunity to regain control over their bladder leaks. The most recent addition to the Elitone family, Elitone URGE, addresses Overactive Bladder and offers a non-intrusive solution to those in need.

For more information, please visit https://Elitone.com/.

Gloria Kolb, CEO and co-founder of Elitone

Gloria Kolb is the CEO and co-founder of Elitone®, an FDA-cleared, non-invasive wearable treatment for women with urinary incontinence.

As an inventor with 30 patents, Gloria’s accolades include Best New Product of 2019 by My Face My Body awards, Sling Shot 2020, and a top 10 finalist in Google’s Women Startup Challenge. Gloria has also been featured in Forbes as a Top Scientist Driving Innovation in Women’s Health. Her creative designs and problem-solving abilities have earned her recognition, such as Boston’s “40 Under 40” Award and MIT Review’s “World’s Top Innovators under 35”.

With Engineering degrees from MIT and Stanford and an Entrepreneurship MBA from Babson College, Gloria’s expertise focuses on medical products and treatments.

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