Alejandra Veder Announces Her New Book: ‘UNLEASH THE WOMAN WITHIN.’

Miami, Florida, USA – July 10th, 2017 – Renowned author Alejandra Veder has announced that she will be releasing her new book titled ‘Unleash The Woman Within.’ For two decades, Alejandra has been traveling and discovering the world and finding answers about life, meaning, and happiness. The book is inspiring, and the author has painfully illustrated her unusual experience and how she began a new journey of self-development and awareness of her existence. However, the author has inspired the world by growing up to be a living example of success.

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Adventurous, curious, brave, and accomplished coach, after years of search for meaning and painful life experiences. I decided I must learn how to be happy, that was the end and the beginning of a new me. Helping others to find their purpose has become my life passion.” Said Alejandra Veder while introducing her new book. “I felt neglected, ignored and lost but a turning point came in my life when I settled in the United States (Miami, Florida). I became a mother, and after a very painful marriage I decided to implement some certain techniques which I covered in this book to help other women flourish, find meaning in their life, rediscover their true potential to heal and more than anything to find balance in their lives.” She added.

According to Alejandra Veder, the book is available for purchase on Amazon! (Both Paper and Kindle editions)

Moreover, the passionate writer who has developed several digital programs, workshops, retreats, and coaching sessions to help people accomplish their deepest dreams is welcoming everyone to read this book and get inspiration.

This is a story of the trials she experienced, her journey of survival and the lasting effects it has had in her life. Alejandra, who is now a successful executive, has inspired a lot of people around her and she wanted to help women to get back on track with her “8 simple steps to finding their true purpose”, fulfillment, happiness, and excitement for life again, this inspired her to write this book.

To learn more about Alejandra OR to get a copy of her book, please visit: https://unleashthewomanwithin.com

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