Embracing a Greener Lifestyle with an Airwheel Standing Mini Electric Scooter Z5

In the angle of customers, there are too many intelligent products but there is very few which can touch them. Intelligent products must have distinctive features to stand out in the competitive industry. Airwheel electric scooter Z5 has special tricks to perform for the public.

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Air pollution is still one of the biggest concern of modern people. If anyone wish to make a little contribution to the environment, they can try to ride electric scooters. Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter Z5, with unique riding style and fashionable appearance, will enable its riders to be an environmental envoy.

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Airwheel Z5 is driven by clean energy electricity. It doesn’t require man power as traditional scooters. Riders only need to separate their feet and stand on the vehicle. As a green vehicle, the standing up electric scooter has adopted Li-ion battery which has zero emission. The battery can also be disposed in a green way at the end of their service life. The new type of vehicle will present a new lifestyle and bring positive changes to the environment.

standing up electric scooter

The Z5 electric scooter for adults enjoys cooler appearance and greater skills. People who have driven too often will long for a new kind of experience. Airwheel Z5 is simply made of an operating rod, a base and two wheels. It has inherited the simplest style and minimalist contour. The operating rod is adjustable to suit for people with different height. There is a unique separate pedal design which conforms to people’s standing habit and will not cause fatigue for long distance riding. People don’t need to cross their feet to stand on the vehicle. The pedals and the operating rod are both foldable, which will save space for storage.

Airwheel electric scooter Z5

There is a dual damping system to guarantee a stable ride even on bumpy roads. The swappable battery design makes charging more easily. Riders can take the battery to charge indoors. As an intelligent vehicle, there is a customized app to connect the vehicle with smart phones.

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Riders can start a fault diagnosis detection before each ride or check other basic information about the vehicle via the app. Airwheel electric scooter Z5 is easy to get but are daily commuters ready to change their commuting habit and embrace a greener life? 

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