Embedded Display Market Size Forecast to Reach $26.4 Billion by 2026

Embedded Display Market Size Forecast to Reach $26.4 Billion by 2026
Embedded Display Market
Rise in Adoption of Automated Embedded Devices in the Market Has a Great Impact for the Growth of Embedded Display Market .

Embedded Display Market size is forecast to reach $26.4 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2021 to 2026. The Embedded display market is estimated to witness substantial growth over the forecast period primarily due to the growing demand of Embedded displays in medical, automation, industrial, wearable and other sectors.

Embedded displays are fast in executing a color LED display interface, it has features such as touch screen as well as non – touch screen along with smart graphical user interface. It comprises of hardware and software, the compatibility of Embedded displays depends on Embedded software. Increase in automated embedded devices is expected to spur the growth of Embedded display market. The factors such as greater efficiency, low price and more is contributing to the growth of this market.

Embedded Display Market Segment Analysis – By Technology

The market is segmented by Technology into LCD, LED, OLED and others. The High pixel-pitch, brightness, enhanced efficiency, high light intensity, enhanced power efficiency, long lifespan and high scalability makes LED technology much more acceptable and is expected to propel the market grow. In the forecast period 2021 – 2026, LED displays are expected to set significant and fastest growth in Embedded display market at 9.9% due to increase in adoption of Embedded display in automotive sector and medical sector where LED embedded displays are being used more. For instance LED display in automobile is preferred more for entertainments purpose, enabling back camera and more. Adoption of LED embedded display by automotive, wearable, medical sectors is constantly increasing due to its efficient lighting, faster response time, higher contrast and more. Thus, LED display technology in Embedded display market is expected to boost the growth in forecasted period.

Embedded Display Market Segment Analysis – By Device Type

The fixed device is expected to hold largest market share in forecasted period 2026 at 56%. Its affordable price, high scalability, longer life, contrast and pixel resolution and more, makes fixed device to be accepted more into the market than portable devices. Due to the above factors fixed device is adopted more into the market by automobile and several other sectors and is expected to boost the Embedded display market.

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Embedded Display Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

Embedded Display market is dominated by North America at 36% share in 2020 followed by Europe. The Research and development activities at the industry-level in North America is continuously rising and making rapid advancement in automated embedded device technology which is increasing the adoption rate of embedded display devices in healthcare, automotive, industrial sectors, defense and others. The presence of large number of manufacturers in North America is also expected to spur the market. APAC region is considered to have fastest growth as the emerging countries like India, Japan, China and others are constantly increasing the use of embedded display in different industrial verticals such as wearables, medical, automotive, and others.

Embedded display market Drivers

Increase in use automated equipment

Different sectors are adopting automated equipment for different purposes, this adoptions has a great impact on Embedded displays which are available in high efficiency at low cost and is expected to enhance the market growth. The embedded devices are extensively used as they provide long lifespan and high scalability along with high intensity, brightness and more. The factors such as affordable price, efficient brightness, and longer life boost the embedded display market and are set to have fastest growth in the market during the forecast period. The higher adoption rate of embedded displays by medical, education, automotive sectors is expected to spur market growth.

Increase in adoption of embedded display in 3D systems

The use of embedded displays in 3D systems is also one of the drivers enhancing the market growth. The rapid development in advanced technologies in embedded displays enables the user to use it for the 3 system. Consumer, industrial, medical, automotive and other sectors use 3D systems which requires embedded displays for projecting the dimensions and this factor is expected to set significant growth into the market.

Embedded display Market Challenges

Increase in adoption of widescreen display

For the past few years entertainment, educational, commercial and other sectors are considering the use of widescreen displays. These displays provide wider screen than the normal display. The projectors which are used for widescreen displays are offered in affordable price with high definition which makes widescreen display as an alternative of the embedded displays and becomes one of the major challenges for Embedded display market.

Embedded Display Market Landscape

Acquisitions advancement in technologies and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Embedded display market. The Embedded display market is dominated by major companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Eaton Corporation, Green Hills Software Inc., Intel Corporation, Anders DX, Avnet Inc., Planar Systems, EDT, and Ansys.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches/Partnership

In May 2020, Planar Introduced Planar FX Series a high brightness LED displays for Indoor and outdoor applications.

In March 2020, Ansys announced a partnership with Physical Optics Corporation for the development of avionics for military aircraft of US. The partnership aimed to accelerate the certification and development of their products by integrating new functionality at a much lower cost and enabling a faster path to market

Key Takeaways

The Embedded display market is estimated to witness substantial growth over the forecast period primarily due to increase in adoption of Embedded display by automation, medical, wearable and other sectors.

Due to high efficiency, longer life, high intensity, high pixel-pitch and brightness LED technology in embedded display is expected to have substantial growth over the forecast period.

Rise in adoption of automated embedded devices in the market has a great impact for the market growth of Embedded displays. The high quality display at low cost makes the Embedded displays propel into the market.

It is observed that in the recent past research and development activities for Embedded displays in North America are rising, thus creating a market for Embedded display as this has a great impact on adoption by medical, automation and other sectors.

Embedded display market is dominated by North America followed by Europe. APAC region is considered to have fastest growth due to increase in automation and other sector by the countries like India, China and others.

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