Embark on the Most Adventurous Journey to Fern Valley with Eight Courageous & Daring Children

Fern Valley Ventures by Elizabeth Dooley is turning out to be a most riveting children’s adventure book and has become immensely popular among children and adult readers. Readers say that the stories are page-turners, putting them on the edge of their seats, intrigued to know what’ll happen next. As Tom threatens to be stuck and drowned in his underground den in The Vanishing, readers said it was hard to put down the book until they finally learned whether the courageous boy would escape or not. Similarly, as Jim is carried away on his fragile raft towards dangerous waterfalls in The Vortex, readers are intrigued to find out whether he will be saved.

Children have a strong feeling of fair play and firm ideas of right and wrong, and in The Vortex readers are startled and angry at Jim’s prejudiced comments and actions towards Sameer, feeling he deserves punishment for his actions. On the other hand, others speculated that Sameer would rise above the situation and would do something nice to the undeserving Jim. In The Verdict, some readers thought that Jill’s penalty for losing a large amount of money, and her terrible behaviour towards another girl is harsh. At the same time, other kids considered that the headmaster’s decision is fair and justified. Good meaningful conversations come out of the varying perspectives of the readers.

Both children and adults find some events in the book quite humorous, as in The Vanishing, Tom draws out what he considers is ‘free money’ from a cash machine. In The Vortex and The Villa, the mischievous antics of identical twins Jill and Jackie are amusing for the readers but irritating to the children in the stories.

Readers are bound to be captivated by the four riveting stories in the volume. Even though some treat them as simple adventure tales, others are geared up to delve deeper into the ethical and moral aspects, and are keen to discover each tale’s hidden meaning. Fern Valley Ventures will unquestionably make a wonderful gift for your children from 7 to 12 years old, but don’t forget to read these thrilling escapades yourself!

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