Embark on an Unforgettable Sci-Fi Journey Latest Release: “The Journals of Herbie Hernandez” by Dixon Troyer


Prepare to be swept away on an exhilarating journey through time, space, and the very fabric of reality with Dixon Troyer’s latest release, “The Journals of Herbie Hernandez.” Following the resounding success of his debut novel, “Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah,” Troyer once again captivates readers with a narrative that defies expectations and challenges perceptions.

Dixon Troyer introduces readers to “The Journals of Herbie Hernandez.” Twenty-two-year-old Herbie wakes up next to a dead spotted alien in his bed. Shortly thereafter, bizarre things start to happen. His war wounds heal miraculously. His hearing returns and becomes supersonic. When he unexpectedly shapeshifts into a fly, then into a naked elderly lady, he knows he must get a grip on his new reality. The problem is that he doesn’t know what superpowers will surface next.

A once anonymous Herbie is now stalked by the most powerful people on the planet who are very interested in his new skills. He even falls in love and a romance ignites with Luna, (from Book 1 of the series) one of the people stalking him. But is her love real? Herbie needs to figure out fast who he can trust, who’s being honest, and not getting himself killed in the process.

With Troyer’s signature blend of science fiction, romance, and suspense, he crafts a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. From the bustling streets of New York City to the far reaches of the cosmos, “The Journals of Herbie Hernandez” promises an adventure unlike any other—a journey that challenges perceptions, defies expectations, and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.

Available now in digital, paperback, and hardcopy formats, “The Journals of Herbie Hernandez” invites readers to embark on a literary odyssey that will leave them spellbound and yearning for more. Official release April 2nd, 2024

About The Author:

Dixon Troyer is a #1 bestselling author renowned for his ability to weave captivating narratives that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. With a diverse background spanning fields as varied as zoology, chemistry, television production, and martial arts instruction, Troyer brings a unique perspective to his storytelling. His debut novel, “Moon People: The Journals of Lordiah,” garnered widespread acclaim, establishing Troyer as a literary force to be reckoned with. Now, with “The Journals of Herbie Hernandez,” Troyer continues to push the boundaries of the genre and inspire readers around the world.


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