Elwood Auto Sales Offers Mini Truck at ATV Rates

4X4 heavy duty mini trucks are now available on the price of an ATV

Elwood, NE, USA – February 01, 2017 – Elwood Auto Sales has announced that they will be providing mini trucks as cheap as the price of an ATV. Available in South Dakota and Wisconsin, the heavy duty mini trucks are four wheel drive and street legal with all the features of a regular pickup truck. These features also includes a heater, radio and other amazing features that are as good as any normal road car. They are small, affordable and that makes them more acceptable for anyone who cannot afford Tundra and Raptor.

“The mini trucks are 4-wheel drive, street legal in some states and have heater, radio, etc. in a cab like a normal pickup truck, only they are small and affordable.” Said one of the sales representatives of the Elwood Auto Sales. “With these mini trucks, our customers can get in out of the cold in the winter and heat in the summer affordably and easily.” He added. South Dakota Mini Truck market as well as the Wisconsin Mini Truck market will be reshaped with the availability of these amazing trucks that are small in size and heavy in duty and performance.

Alongside their smart size, multi-functional abilities and amazing applications, the trucks are also shipped to the buyers on demand. The impressive fuel economy of these trucks, despite the fact that they are four-wheel drive is also a feature that is increasing their demand and making them popular. Elwood Auto Sales is now offering these trucks with an amazing mini truck snow plow to clear the snow from the driveways and even roads. Known as the Black Line Snow Plow, it is an amazing add on that is controlled from inside the truck and is operated on hydraulics to move the snow.

Elwood Auto Sales was founded on three fundamental principles of trust, integrity, and respect. According to the customers, each vehicle is not only satisfactory, but reliable and it makes them keep coming back to the dealership. The mini trucks offered by the dealership are gaining popularity in the states of Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Western Kansas and South Dakota. Elwood Auto Sales is located on Smith Avenue in Elwood, NE and further information about the store is available on their website.

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