Ellen Alexander – A Comprehensive Interview on How to Nourish the Body Inside out

Ellen Alexander - A Comprehensive Interview on How to Nourish the Body Inside out

People hear about healthy eating all the time. Occasionally, a miracle diet would be presented as the IT thing, the solution to all human problems related to weight gain and health. However, most people know that things are not so simple. That it takes effort, consistency, and a certain level of knowledge to achieve the results desired. And by results, we mean a healthy body, skin and hair, and just the right level of energy. 

With the pandemic, the interest in a healthy lifestyle has increased exponentially. So, we took a step forward and asked Ellen Alexander about her routines when it comes to nourishing the body inside out!

What is your advice for people who want to improve their health condition and fitness level?

Ellen Alexander: To have enough energy to do the things you want to do and a certain fitness level, it’s important to strike a balance. A diet too restrictive in calories can lead to a lack of energy. At the same time, not being careful with what you’re eating could lead to skin and even hair conditions. Everything is interconnected when it comes to our bodies. If it’s all good inside, the chances are the outside will look great. So, the first step would be to correlate exercising with a proper diet and also efficient skincare products.

How do you keep in shape? What kind of exercises you do?

Ellen Alexander: I used to have a personal trainer like most celebrities do. I learned a lot from him, to be honest, but one of the things he told me is that I don’t actually need a personal trainer! Yes, I know, it’s funny when you think about it. I’ve always kept fit, and in good shape, so he advised me to try workouts that I really enjoy. For example, just get the weights (5 pounds) and go hiking up the hill for 45- 90 minutes. And this is what I do now, but from time to time, I try other workouts too. The body likes and needs diversity! I believe that if we do the same things every day, this is not good for the body or the soul.

And how about the diet?

Ellen Alexander: I start the day with a green juice or grapefruit juice. These are my favorites; they give me energy without too many calories. For lunch, I often choose soup. Lately, my favorite has been the oxtail soup, loaded with collagen and great taste too. I also like light sandwiches, such as a pastrami sandwich with greens and fiber. Only once in a blue moon, I get sweet treats, and it’s mostly an apple pie – very little (if any) crust and lots of apples.

Also, I choose my food takeaway and restaurants carefully. Healthy places are top on my list. And I take natural supplements too.

What natural supplements you like and why?

Ellen Alexander: I don’t know if it’s a question of liking the natural supplements here. I take them to supplement my diet, depending on how I feel, what I’m eating, how much I’m exercising, and other factors. For example, now I’m taking resveratrol, vitamin D, Q10 coenzyme, and others. All in the form of gummies, I prefer vitamin gummies to pills. But again, I’m not always taking just this supplement or the other. I like variety, and I think I mentioned this before! 

For healthy hair and skin, I take vitamin E, but occasionally I also take vitamin C, zinc, probiotics, and I’m a big fan of Golde SuperFood Latte Blend. I prefer natural alternatives whenever possible, and I think this helps a lot when it comes to a healthy body. And mind too!

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