Elle Hari is the author of No. 1 international bestseller “Yes She Can! 22 Success Secrets From 22 Inspiring People Around the World”

Apr 3, 2020 – American Writer/Teacher, Elle Hari, has become a no 1 international bestselling author in the anthology “Yes She Can! 22 Success Secrets From 22 Inspiring People Around the World”. The book hit No1 in the UK, Australia, France and Canada + more.

The book, published on March 1, 2020 — written by Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. featuring gifted writers such as Ella Hari, Bryan Chamberland, Chris Tauriello,  Dr. Hanim Romainoor, and lots of others — allows readers to hear from 22 inspiring people from around the world as they share their proven success secrets. The book Is on amazon through this link here.

Ella Hari’s chapter in the book explains how she overcame the obstacles of her twin flame to discover the true lesson of her journey which is to always trust and believe in oneself.  It further explains how she has relied on this lesson to start and build her company and business and share her purpose of assisting humanity’s ascension with people all over the world. Hari is passing a message to readers of her chapter ”to always trust and believe in themselves.  They are perfect and can create miracles.”

Hari, who is the founder Elle Hari Universal LLC & be with your twin flame brand, mentioned that so far in her journey, she has learned a lot which she’s willing to share with others. “You are your soul, and your soul is perfect. You are a direct spark from source energy…the ultimate creative and miraculous energy in existence.  Always trust and believe in yourself.  Anything is possible. You can create miracles and magic as long as you believe in yourself above all else.” she explained.

Hari, through her website: www.bewithyourtwinflame.com, helps people experiencing a twin flame journey overcome the obsessive thoughts and pain, feel amazing, have loving relationships with their twin flames if they desire, understand and implement their true soul’s purpose to see vast improvements in all areas of their lives

Elle Hari, as part of her goals for the rest of the year, wants to introduce more people who aren’t experiencing a twin flame journey to her “Happily Ever After” online course. She also wants to start a non-profit organization to teach children in school about their perfection and to always trust and believe in themselves.

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