Elizabeth Suarez Discusses the Role of Technology When It Comes to Running a Business

Palm Beach, FL – May 19, 2023 – According to Elizabeth Suarez, technology has dramatically shaped the way businesses operate. As the owner of two franchised fitness studios, Elizabeth understands firsthand the importance of incorporating technology to remain competitive. In a recent online article, she uncovers how various advancements have changed how we communicate, socialize, and conduct business.

Elizabeth claims that in addition to enhanced efficiency and productivity, technology also allows for improved communication. “With the help of email, video conferencing, and instant messaging, businesses can now communicate with their employees and clients in real time. This has increased collaboration and teamwork within businesses.” Employees also have the flexibility to work from home, which has led to an improved work-life balance.

Additionally, cloud computing and artificially powered tools can now automate various tasks, “Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate. With the help of VR technology, businesses can now create virtual environments to train employees or showcase their products and services to customers.”

As a successful business owner, Elizabeth states, “technology has had a significant impact on running a business. It has led to increased efficiency, improved communication, and opened up new markets for businesses. As technology continues to advance, businesses need to keep up with the latest technological trends to remain competitive.”

Despite potential challenges such as cyber-attacks, businesses continue to utilize technology to their advantage. She reminds individuals to ensure that they use technology responsibly and ethically, which means considering the impact of technology on their employees, customers, and the environment.

Those who would like to read the full article can do so on Techbullion.com.

About Elizabeth Genna Suarez

Elizabeth Suarez is an athlete, and accomplished mountaineer. She holds multiple certifications in emergency response including, EMT, Fire, Paramedic, and her educational background includes a B.S. in Equine Studies, a B.A. in Business Management, a B.S. in Biology, and an A.S. in Nursing. As the owner of two franchised fitness studios in West Palm Beach and Wellington, Florida, Elizabeth is committed to helping her community reach its fitness goals. Given her ambitious nature, Elizabeth has also launched Next Gen – a program designed to provide health and wellness awareness and financial support to younger generations. 

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