Elite Product Builders (EPB) and Mong Sotheary Trading Co., Ltd Unite to Introduce Premium Cambodian Products to the United States Market


Los Angeles – Nov 29, 2023 – Elite Product Builders (EPB), a distinguished digital marketing and import/export company, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Mong Sotheary Trading Co., Ltd. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as the two companies join forces to bring an array of high-quality Cambodian products, including rice, textiles, rubber, nuts, and other agricultural goods, to the discerning consumers in the United States.

The partnership is not only centered around the distribution of these premium products but also focuses on a holistic brand-building endeavor. EPB, with its expertise in digital marketing and market insights, aims to establish a strong presence for Cambodian products in the U.S. market.

“We are excited to embark on this collaborative journey with Mong Sotheary Trading Co., Ltd. Our joint efforts go beyond traditional business partnerships; they signify a commitment to showcasing the richness and diversity of Cambodian products to the American market,” said Trav Collins, CEO at Elite Product Builders.

The comprehensive collaboration encompasses the distribution of textiles, rubber, nuts, and various agricultural goods, in addition to the exceptional Cambodian rice. EPB’s seasoned team will leverage targeted marketing campaigns to highlight the unique attributes of each product category, forging valuable relationships with distributors and retailers across the United States.

To ensure the widespread availability of these premium Cambodian products, EPB is establishing partnerships with key distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. The company’s sales team is actively engaged in direct B2B outreach, presenting the benefits of each product category to potential partners and securing strategic alliances.

Simultaneously, recognizing the growing trend of digital shopping, EPB is developing an e-commerce platform to facilitate online sales. This initiative aims to provide consumers nationwide with convenient access to these exceptional Cambodian products.

The partnership between EPB and Mong Sotheary Trading Co., Ltd is a testament to their shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and the promotion of premium agricultural and textile products on a global scale. As the collaboration unfolds, both companies are enthusiastic about the prospect of enriching the U.S. market with the finest offerings from Cambodia.

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