Elijah McNear the young American entrepreneur and American Executive.

Elijah McNear the young American entrepreneur and American Executive.
Elijah McNear Chief Executive Officer of VYBRATIONAL KREATORS
Young American Business Executive and Entrepreneur leading the way to a bright future for all.

Elijah J. McNear born June 16, 1998, is an American Entrepreneur, Business Executive, Actor, and Executive Producer. He is the Co-Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of trending Fashion Brand VYBRATIONAL KREATORS®. He is also the Founder and CEO of VYBMEDIA and President to his new company MCNEAR AGENCY SERVICES.


Born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia, Elijah McNear Graduated from Freedom High School in 2016. He continued his studies at Northern Virginia Community College from 2016-2017. In 2018 Elijah McNear and Mother Trevina McNear Filed for their LLC VYBRATIONAL KREATORS®, LLC. Elijah Launched VYBRATIONAL KREATORS® in early 2020. VYBRATIONAL KREATORS® is a one stop shop clothing and accessories store for Men, Women, & Children. VYBRATIONAL KREATORS® mission is to provide positive vibes to everyone around the world, by uplifting and motivating people to be their best selves. They offer a variety of products for EVERYONE with Motivational quotes and unique designs. VYBRATIONAL KREATORS® slogan BE GOOD, BE GREAT BE U is not just a random quote or saying, it is a vibrational message. BE GOOD, represents the act of moral acceptance of yourself.  This means acting in a respectable way towards yourself and society.  BE GREAT, represents doing your very best in all that you pursue in life. But most importantly BE U, this is your specialty. YOU do not have to be like everyone else. YOU being different is what makes you special! No one is you and that is your SUPERPOWER! 


At age 18 Elijah McNear started his first online store SHOPWITELI. The Site was a drop shipping company selling other products. Elijah started this company to learn the online industry and how it works. At a young age Elijah McNear has always a been entrepreneur. He has a passion of inspiring and helping others. Elijah and his siblings would sell candy at their bus stop, cut grass, and shovel snow to make money. The young entrepreneur would even sell items at local flea markets and yard sales with his family. At age 10 Elijah would put his designs on t-shirts and wear them to school. He always had a vision of running his own clothing and accessories brand with designs from his drawings. Little did he know at age 20 he would launch his own brand VYBRATIONAL KREATORS® which is officially branded and trademarked. Now 24 Elijah McNear currently is the head and owner of 3 major companies and is just getting his feet wet. There is no doubt we will see him doing more great things.

The stakes could not be higher for Elijah—an serial entreprenuer who has challenged himself at every turn—to do more, to be more, to say more.Elijah McNear Currently has over 13,700 followers on TIKTOK and 48,600 followers on Instagram and still growing.

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