Eleven-Year-Old Boy Launches Art For Lupus Website To Create Awareness And Punch Out Lupus

USA – September 16, 2016 – Art has the power to reveal the inner beauty of life that often gets buried when illnesses strikes. Art for Lupus is a newly launched website where a young son shares his love for his mother through creative art work. Al is only 11 years old, and has created Art for Lupus to raise funds for awareness about lupus and help find a cure.

Let us punch out lupus, says the website motto where one can find cool design stuff such as yellow smileys, Arabic and Islamic festive messages, business art, royal art, and colorful butterflies. The catalog also includes portrait sketches of Al’s family and Bollywood actors. Al offers drawing custom portraits from photographs sent over email. The site also features a Cafepress shop devoted to lupus awareness bags, T-shirts, baby clothes and drinkware.

Al’s mother was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 16. He loves playing with his mama, but can’t do so when there is a lupus flare and she has to seek medical attention for treating pain. Of late, his mama has reported feeling dizzy with chest pain, inability to eat, and kidney dysfunction. Al’s mom loves to design and draw as well, but can’t do so when her fingers begin to hurt and develop bends. With the funds generated from the website, Al therefore wishes to punch out lupus, find a cure, organize a lupus sports day, and create more awareness.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease which damages body parts such as skin or joints with symptoms lasting up to many years. It mostly affects women between 15-44 years of age, and is mild to life-threatening. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, at least 1.5 million Americans suffer from the disease, with over 16,000 new occurrences in a year. Lupus is not contagious, affects people of all races and with good care the affected person can lead a full and normal life.

For more Information please visit:  www.artforlupus.com

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