Electronic Cigarette Advocates Welcome Considerations For The NHS To Prescribe E Cigs

“Prescribing electronic cigarettes to smokers could save the NHS billions of pounds each year.”
There’s no doubt at all the very real health dangers posed by smoking in the UK, as well as the drain this puts on the healthcare system and on the economy. Recently, the leading online e-cigarette review site E Cigs Guide, celebrated the news the UK’s National Health Service were considering prescribing e-cigarettes as a way to reduce cancer and fight the other dangers that come with smoking.

Finding ways to reduce smoking risks is something that has been on the minds of health professionals like, the UK’s NHS for decades. With the explosion of popularity and research on vaping and e-cigarettes, which allow a person to enjoy nicotine without the danger of cancer that smoking tobacco brings, it seems only natural e-cigarettes would be explored as a healthier option to smoking. In this spirit, leading e-cigarette review and discussion site E Cigs Guide recently celebrated and shared the news that the UK’s NHS are weighing the pros and cons of prescribing e-cigs as a way to reduce the risks of cancer from smoking.

“If you’re a smoker and you’re completely new to vaping or if you’re an old hand, you will find honest, independent reviews on all the best e cigs on our website” commented a spokesperson from E Cigs Guide. “We love vaping, and we’ve created our site to help you choose the best vaping product for your needs. With the recent news from the UK, it’s very interesting to see even very well respected organizations like the NHS recognizing the benefits e-cigs can deliver over smoking.”

According to E Cigs Guide, a spokesperson from the NHS declared vaping 95% more safe than old school tobacco smoking and provide a stepping stone for a person to completely cut nicotine out of their life completely. In the UK nearly 80,000 people a year die from smoking related illnesses of all kinds.

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Expect any updates on NHS and their policies towards e-cigs to be featured on the E Cig Guide website.

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