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Pune, India, 13th April 2018: WiseGuyReports announced addition of new report, titled “Electric Vehicles: A deep dive in the technology that is the future of the Auto industry”.


Almost conclusively now, electric vehicles appear to have won the power train argument in the automotive industry and car manufacturers from all over the world have made significant promises to deliver only hybrid and electric vehicles in the future.


From automotive shows to the world’s cities, new models and ideas are being tested and the general public whilst being broadly reticent at first, is now beginning to accept the idea of battery powered chargeable vehicles. Whilst the industry waits for consumer adoption levels to really boom, manufacturers are gearing up for a serious fight to establish a position in what will undoubtedly become the main automotive market.


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The leaders of a few years ago now have significant new challengers and are having to fight harder for sales than ever before. Huge new challenges are becoming obvious as the world tries to establish exactly how it will power and build all these new vehicles. There is a new heavy demand for the rare earth materials that electric vehicles need and some concerns about the environmental implications of replacing the global fleet with this technology.


One country that is not being overly cautious about this change is China and it has ploughed ahead to the point where its manufacturers are now dominant in the electric vehicle industry. Within the next decade a point will arrive where electric vehicles will outsell traditional combustion engine vehicles, but in order for that to happen and it not be a charging and technical disaster many things must change.


Key Highlights

– In the global EV market there have been some companies that have jumped on EV technology and run with it from an early stage and companies like Nissan and Tesla have capitalized on being bold and first to market.

– However in early 2018 the market is proving to be much more fluid than ever before and as new models come to market and more big automotive players start to get serious with their EV products, it is changing the leaderboard from month to month.

– A number of factors are starting to come together which should eventually propel EV sales so that they stop being niche and start becoming ubiquitous, but the market is not quite there yet.

– However, when it comes, players will have to be ready with compelling products or they risk trying to survive on dwindling internal combustion engine vehicle sales alone whilst their customers are taxed heavily for buying them.

Despite the very ambitious targets that have been set by governments and automotive manufacturers all over the world, how to transition the global fleet onto electric vehicles is still very far from being clear.

– There is a wide array of charging technologies and solutions range from service station fast chargers to on road chargers. However, as yet, there are very few countries even close to a complete solution on the scale that will allow the global fleet to be transferred over.

– A number of innovative startup companies are working on solutions to the problem but this could be a very limiting factor on the progress of the industry and big money is needed to role out charging infrastructure that will cover entire countries, both in terms of the places to charge and the power distribution networks.

Much of the attention placed upon the development of EVs has been focused upon the fast-charging, full-electric-vehicle (FEV), but that concept remains in the future and requires several major technical breakthroughs before a cheap, reliable and almost instantly chargeable electric vehicle emerges from a major manufacturer.

– Hybrid cars have been in development for some time; being ahead in the development race means hybrid technology represents the immediate future of EV technology.

– Attracting large research and development budgets, hybrid cars are increasingly becoming mainstream and offer solutions to the problems currently afflicting FEVs.



– Examine who the main players are in the EV industry and who are the emerging new players

– Look at the challenges faced by the industry and how likely these are to be overcome

– See the countries that are really pushing ahead with the technology and why

– Analyze the future of the industry, who the winners and losers are and what the competition looks like


Reasons to buy

– What are the most important EV models on sale?

– What companies are going to become dominant?

– Why are hybrids so important in EV tech?

– What does the future of the industry look like?

– What do governments need to do to encourage growth?

– How far away are we from the expected EV boom?


Table of Content: Key Points

Executive Summary 2

Electric vehicles: Market leaders will constantly change 2

Electric vehicles: Infrastructure is one of the biggest problems to solve 2

Hybrid cars represent immediate future of electric vehicles 2

Among enthusiasm for electric vehicles lurks threats to future development 3

China due to cement dominant position in EV global market 3

Electric vehicles: the market leaders will constantly change 8

EV sales have been growing well but will soon explode 8

The leaders have typically taken big risks to get where they are 9

The position of the previous market leaders is looking increasingly precarious 10

Nissan’s Leaf perhaps wasn’t as desirable as it was hoped 11



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