Electric Powertek: Copper Aluminum Bimetallic Connector For Jointing Aluminium Tape To Copper Tape

Copper-aluminum composite tape, copper-aluminum composite plate, copper-aluminum composite row, copper-clad aluminum row, copper-aluminum composite gasket and other copper-aluminum composite products, non-standard and special specifications of copper-aluminum composite products can provide design solutions and technical support. The manufacturing process of copper-aluminum composite products operated by our company is a semi-dissolved composite rolling process of copper plate and aluminum. conductor material. It integrates the excellent electrical conductivity of copper with the weldability and light weight of aluminum, while still maintaining their special excellent properties, such as copper’s good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, unique high heat capacity, and aluminum’s excellent properties. Light specific gravity, low cost, high thermal conductivity, and the aesthetic appearance of copper.

Features and advantages of copper-aluminum composite board: 1. Low cost and light weight: the same volume of composite products can save customers at least 60% of the cost compared with pure copper; the proportion is 37%-40% of pure copper; 2. Excellent processing performance: Its bending performance is better than that of the same conductor of the same specification, and it is easy to process. Due to the high bonding strength of the interface, copper and aluminum are not delaminated during shearing, punching, and bending. 3. Excellent thermal conductivity: The copper-aluminum composite sheet and strip are cold-rolled and processed into sheets and strips of different thicknesses, which have good heat transfer performance of copper and aluminum metals. 4. Excellent electrical conductivity: the electrical conductivity is more than 90% of that of T2 conductors, which is an ideal choice to replace pure copper conductors. 5. Wide range of uses: Since the production width can reach 1000mm,At present, the main thickness is 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm.

Products can be widely used in various fields instead of copper strips. Electrical conductivity: copper-aluminum composite conductive tape, connecting plate, industrial gasket, low-voltage electrical appliances, conductive row, transformer, reactor, etc.

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