Electric Powertek: Antifouling Type Disc Suspension Toughened Glass Insulator

Antifouling Type Disc Suspension Toughened Glass Insulator

Short Description:

Product Name:Glass Insulator

Type:Antifouling Type

Material:Toughened Glass

Insulators are a special type of insulation control that can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. In the early years, insulators were mostly used for power poles, but gradually developed into high voltage power line connection towers with many disc-shaped insulators hanging on one end to increase the creepage distance, usually made of glass or ceramic. It’s called an insulator. Insulators should not fail due to various mechanical and electrical stresses caused by changes in environmental and electrical load conditions, otherwise insulators will not play a significant role and will damage the service and operation life of the entire line.

Standards for Qualified Insulation Resistance

(1) The insulation resistance of newly installed insulators should be greater than or equal to 500M Ω.

(2) The insulation resistance of insulators during operation should be greater than or equal to 300M Ω

Principles for Judging Insulator Degradation

(1) Insulators with insulation resistance less than 300M Ω and greater than 240M Ω can be considered as low value insulators.

(2) Insulators with insulation resistance less than 240M Ω can be considered as zero value insulators.


(1) The resistance of each component and suspension insulator of the pin type post insulator should not be less than 300M Ω.

(2) The insulation resistance of 500kV suspension insulators shall not be less than 500M Ω. It is worth noting that when measuring the insulation resistance of each component of a multi component post insulator, copper wire should be wound at the laminated bonding point and then connected to a megohmmeter to avoid significant differences in insulation resistance values measured at different positions, which may cause misjudgment.


Glass insulators are mainly used to fix wires to poles and insulate them from poles. Insulators are one of the key components of high-voltage transmission lines, and their performance directly affects the operational safety of the entire transmission line. Glass insulators are widely used due to their characteristics of zero self breaking and easy maintenance.

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