Electric Hammer Bit Is A Kind Of Electric Rotary Hammer Drill

Electric hammer bit is a kind of electric rotary hammer drill with safety clutch attached with pneumatic hammering mechanism. It can open 6-100 mm holes on hard materials such as concrete, brick, stone, etc., with high efficiency.

Characteristics of electric hammer bit

1. Good shock absorption system: can make the operator grip comfortable and relieve fatigue. The way to achieve this is through “vibration control system”; soft rubber handle is used to increase grip comfort;

2. Precise speed control switch: when the switch is lightly touched, the rotation speed is low, which can help the machine to pull out smoothly (for example, pulling out on a smooth surface such as tiles, which can not only prevent the bit from slipping, but also prevent the drilling from cracking. High speed can be used in normal operation to ensure work efficiency.

3. Stable and reliable safety clutch: also known as torque limiting clutch, it can avoid the high torque reaction force generated by the sticking of drill bit during the use process, which is a kind of safety protection for users. This feature also prevents the gear unit and the motor from stalling.

4. Comprehensive motor protection device: in use, it is inevitable that granular hard objects will enter the machine (especially for drilling upward on the machine, such as drilling on the top of the wall). If the motor does not have certain protection, it is easy to be broken or scratched by hard objects in high-speed rotation, which will eventually lead to motor failure.

5. Forward and reverse function: it can make the hammer more widely used, and its realization form is mainly realized by switching or adjusting the position of carbon brush. Generally, large brand tools will adjust the position of carbon brush (rotating brush holder), which has the advantages of convenient operation, effective suppression of sparks to protect the commutator and prolong the service life of the motor.

Twist Brill Bits

Twist drill is the most widely used hole processing tool. Generally, the diameter ranges from 0.25 mm to 80 mm. The spiral angle of twist drill mainly affects the size of cutting edge rake angle, blade strength and chip removal performance, which is usually between 25 ° and 32 °.

1. Generally, black drill bit is used to drill metal, and the material of drill bit is high-speed steel. Drilling on general metal materials (alloy steel, non-alloy steel, cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous metal) is used together with metalworking drill bit. However, attention should be paid to drilling on metal materials, and the rotation speed should not be too high, which may easily burn the edge of the drill bit.

Now there are some gold coated with rare hard metal film, which are made of tool steel and other materials and hardened by heat treatment. The tip is ground at equal angles on both sides and slightly tilted back to form a sharp edge. There is no steel, iron and aluminum hardened by heat treatment. Aluminum is easy to stick to the drill bit and needs to be lubricated with soapy water during drilling.

2. Drilling in concrete materials and stone materials, the use of impact drill, combined with stone drill bit, cutter head material is generally cemented carbide. Ordinary household, do not drill in the cement wall, use ordinary 10 mm specification electric hand drill.

3. Drill wood. When drilling on wood materials, combined with the use of woodworking bits, woodworking bits have a large volume of cutting volume, and the hardness of the cutting tools is not required to be high. The cutting tool materials are generally high-speed steel. There is a small tip in the center of the tip of the bit, and the angles on both sides are relatively large, even without angle. For good fixing position. In fact, a metal drill can also drill wood. Because the wood is easy to heat and the chips are not easy to come out, it is necessary to slow down the rotation speed and often exit to remove the chips.

4. Ceramic tile drill bit is used to drill holes on ceramic tile and glass with higher hardness. Tungsten carbon alloy is used as tool material. Due to its high hardness and poor toughness, attention should be paid to low-speed and non impact use.

Flat Drill

The cutting part of the flat drill is shovel shaped, with simple structure and low manufacturing cost. The cutting fluid is easily introduced into the hole, but the cutting and chip removal performance is poor. There are two types of flat drills: integral and assembled. The integral type is mainly used for drilling micropores with a diameter of 0.03-0.5mm. The assembled flat drill blade is replaceable and can be cooled internally. It is mainly used for drilling large holes with a diameter of 25-500 mm.

Deep Hole Drill

Deep hole drill is usually a tool for machining holes whose ratio of hole depth to hole diameter is greater than 6. Commonly used are gun drill, BTA Deep hole drill, jet drill, DF deep hole drill, etc. Trepanning drill is also commonly used in deep hole processing.


The reamer has 3-4 teeth, and its rigidity is better than that of twist drill. It is used to enlarge the existing hole and improve the machining accuracy and finish.

Center Drill

The center drill is used to drill the center hole of shaft workpiece. It is actually composed of twist drill and spot facer with small helix angle, so it is also called compound center drill.

Construction drill is the general name of electric hammer drill and cement drill. It is used for the opening of concrete, wall and other workpieces. The general appearance is straight handle, and the head is welded with alloy cutter head. The blade has no opening. Only the slots.

There are two types of woodworking drills. One is a woodworking twist drill. The other is a woodworking flat drill. Woodworking twist drill is generally called woodworking drill, with 3 spikes in the head and a long needle in the middle. Both sides are slightly short with cutting edge. The blade has an opening. The head of woodworking flat drill is flat. There is a small hole in the middle. The top is needle like. There is no cutting edge. (in fact, the blade is at the two ends of the flat head, with a contrast shaped opening.) There are two kinds of stalks, regular and hexagonal.

High speed steel drill bit is divided into straight shank twist drill and taper shank drill. Equal shank drill.

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