Electric Bicycles and Scooters – Making transportation affordable and fun

Epic Cycles has created a fun and affordable mode of transportation.  This mode of transportation is in the form of e-Bikes and scooters; and there is minimal impact to the environment.   Innovation, safety, and simplicity are at the core of each model; Epic Cycles designs an excellent brand of e-bikes and scooters.

E-bikes are an excellent mode of transportation whether you live within or outside the city limits.  There are many advantages to an electric mode of transport.  For example, with an e-bike you get exercise from pedaling; but gain speed more quickly than with leg power alone.  Using an e-bike for transportation not only saves money, but you are also protecting the environment.  Riding an e-bike or scooter is much easier to maneuver on busy city streets than a car.  Additionally, you can load an e-bike or scooter on the public bus which allows for more transportation options.

Committed to designing the finest style of e-bikes; Epic Cycles (https://epiccycles.ca) affords the people of Toronto a directory of e-bikes if they desire more speed, rapid charging times, and longer travel distance.

Some facts to know about e-bikes:

  • The fastest e-bike travels at 20-28 mph; city speeds in a car usually do not exceed 18 mph. 
  • You still have to pedal an e-bike; this gives you much needed exercise.  It is easier to pedal using electric elements, as well as a throttle (that some models include) which gives you an advantage with going against the wind or uphill. 
  • There is a variation of age limits for riding e-bikes because they are still fairly new to the transportation industry.   For instance, in some Canadian provinces, the age is 14 and 16; while in Alberta it is 12, and Quebec has a minimum age requirement of 18. 

Electric scooters have gone through several upgrades over the past decades since gaining popularity.  Some unique characteristics include USB charging, frames that can be folded, and speeds of up to 20 mph.  For these reasons, the electric scooter is quickly becoming the mode of transportation of choice for many. 

Benefits of the electric scooter include affordability as well as ecologically aware.  Because of their compact design they can easily be maneuvered on sidewalks.   The lower top speeds than e-bikes allow for fewer restrictions on where you can ride a scooter. 

About Epic Cycles:

Epic Cycles (https://epiccycles.ca/about) has spent almost a decade being dedicated to the inventive creation of e-bikes.  Epic Cycles is pleased to present electric scooters and e-bikes to the Canadian marketplace.  It is evident the e-bike and scooter will become popular because of the vibrant metropolitan and scenic landscapes.

Epic Cycles objective when creating the e-bike and scooter was to encourage a safer, green mode of motorized transport.  Delighted to develop a new way that Canadians travel, it is obvious the citizens of Canada are also interested in newly innovative and greener methods of transportation. 

Epic Cycles has the belief that the customer and product share equal importance.  Working hard to provide customers with the best possible product; Canadians are also impressed with the opportunity to customize their e-bikes with the conversion kits that are now available.

If you are also interested in a greener mode of transportation, give the e-bikes and scooters at Epic Cycles a try.  You will be pleasantly surprised with what you discover. 

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