Elder Abuse and How to Prevent It: Advice from a Nationwide Background Check Company

Elder abuse refers to any form of physical, emotional, or financial harm inflicted on an older person, typically 60 years or older. To prevent elder abuse at senior care facilities and by in-home caregivers, it’s vital that employers utilize thorough background checks.

According to the World Health Organization, about 15.7% of people aged 60 and older around the world experience some form of elder abuse. This disturbingly high number highlights the urgent need for measures that help prevent these crimes. Pre-employment background screening is one way for senior care businesses and organizations to protect the vulnerable people they serve. By screening candidates, employers can weed out individuals with a recorded history of violent behavior, neglect, fraud, and theft.

While it is already in the best interest of employers to screen applicants who will be working with seniors, it is also a legal requirement. Various federal and state laws mandate key types of background checks for anyone who works with older adults in key roles. In addition, many professional organizations, such as the National Council on Aging, strongly advocate for criminal background screening as a necessary means of preventing elder abuse.

To ensure thorough screening and complete legal compliance, employers often choose to partner with a third-party background check company like CredentialCheck. The professionals at CredentialCheck help tailor the screening to the unique needs of each client to ensure due diligence in hiring. Furthermore, if red flags are found in a job candidate’s records, CredentialCheck can advise on the adverse action process to avoid discrimination claims. 

To learn more about how background checks can help prevent elder abuse, call CredentialCheck at (888) 689-2000. Information regarding their screening solutions for the healthcare industry and beyond can be found on their website. CredentialCheck is based in Troy, Michigan, and helps businesses and organizations across the United States.

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