El Dorado Insurance Addresses the Changes the Pandemic Has Caused in Relation to the Private Investigator Industry

El Dorado Insurance Addresses the Changes the Pandemic Has Caused in Relation to the Private Investigator Industry

The El Dorado Advantage – Private Investigator Industry vs Lockdown

Houston, TX – El Dorado Insurance Agency, a Houston based agency specializing in Private Investigator Insurance, addresses how the pandemic lockdown has affected the PI industry.

“PI firms across the country have been dealing with a broad variety of situations brought on by COVID-19 and related local regulations – an issue that continues to be prominent in the United States,” said Josh Ring, President of El Dorado. “We want to help others understand exactly how this affects the PI industry and how they have been responding.”

El Dorado experts have explained that one main change that PI’s have had to adjust to is the need to make their potential clients understand the changes of PI tasks that have been caused by the pandemic.

Mandatory quarantines have made it difficult or even impossible to track someone’s movement, emptier spaces make it harder to discreetly follow someone, and a mask ordinance makes it more challenging to identify people. The pandemic has had quite an effect on how accurately private investigators can do their job, which leads to the goal of making sure clients understand the current limitations of the job.

The pandemic has also caused the PI industry to shift its normal job duties in a positive way as well.

“While the pandemic has created some limitations on normal job duties, it created an advantage in other ways,” said Josh Ring. “When regulations allow, other PI’s are using COVID-19 to advertise specific surveillance skills that may be even more useful during these times.”

El Dorado reports that work–related fraud is a new job that many PI’s have taken on, upon their usual duties being limited. Many business owners want to ensure employees are actually meeting obligations at home. This is a new field for PI’s skilled in surveillance, although possibly more challenging to conduct as streets have become emptier.

Extra-marital affairs and child custody cases are also available jobs for PIs to consider taking on during and after the pandemic.

The pandemic has caused quite a few changes in the PI industry. Making it even more important that they are insured and covered!

El Dorado wants to build a trusted relationship with companies in the private investigative industry and make sure they are insured during such an unsure time. Remember, a phone call doesn’t cost anything and could potentially be the start of a great business relationship. Call them at 1-800-221-3386!

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