Eidelman & Associates: The Premier Divorce Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Over 50 Years of Experience Make Them The Best in Allentown

With divorces at an all-time high, troubled American marriages have been fastidious in looking for the right attorney.  Based in Lehigh Valley, Eidelman and Associates (http://www.eidelmanassoc.com) have been the experts in divorce and mediation services for over 30 years. Many couples who find irreparable differences in their partnership seek the firm’s attorneys to represent them in the process, and wisely so.  In fact, the well-known firm specializes exclusively in divorce and family law.

Their reputation precedes them, and rightly so.  Having been a Divorce Master in the family courts of Lehigh county, founder Mary J.  Eidelman brought her thirty plus years of work to Allentown.  She is renowned for providing couples with the direct and efficient style that has characterized her trade in Pennsylvania law.  The firm is also sought out for high-profile and net-worth cases.  These intricate legal puzzles, which few in the region have the ability to solve, are the game of choice Eidelman & Associates.  

The pride and joy of the firm lie in its signature legal strategy.  Eidelman & Associates focus on litigation that is relatively free of drama, even for a divorce firm.  Custody arrangements and real estate divisions are handled with a surprising grace and cool-headedness that is as rare as it is refreshing.  Clients affirm that the process, disconcerting that it is, always taken with the utmost respect by Eidelman and that her team is simply the best in dealing with the high conflict that divorce proceedings inevitably bring.

For the lawyers, the challenges of divorce on the human psyche are certainly not overlooked, either.  There is a fine detail on how Eidelman treats her clients.  Her understanding of the emotional facet of divorce law – and their incorporation of that empathy into their work – is exactly what makes her services so highly sought after by grieving clients.  In addition to offering quality services, Eidelman & Associates offer educational material for clients and the curious alike.  Articles on topics such as custodial rights and bankruptcy in divorce proceedings are available to the public.  For those who want to take a more active role in their cases, Eidelman’s website offers a free e-book on the process of divorce and interpretations of the law in Pennsylvania.

Separating couples turn to divorce attorneys for help in securing their personal assets.  Fair judgment and professionalism are the ideal qualities of a divorce decision, and Eidelman & Associates truly excel in their service.

About Eidelman & Associates

Eidelman & Associates has had proven and consistent results for over 30 years.  Couples with all kinds of experiences and situations turn to the firm for security and peace of mind that their affairs are always handled with winning results.  Eidelman also offers resources for wrongful death.   

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