Eidelman & Associates Legal Services for Divorce After Long Term Marriage

Eidelman & Associates is a prestigious, family law focused law firm that can help with all kinds of family related legal issues, including divorce after a long-term marriage. When your long-term marriage ends, and your legal and financial wellbeing is in jeopardy, Eidelman and Associates can help you rebuild your life and protect your future.

Eidelman & Associates Family Law Firm is capable of handling a myriad of legal cases revolving around family law-based issues, including divorce. Divorce, after a long-term marriage, can be a difficult process especially for individuals who have not had to consider their financial and legal future separate from their spouse. It is cases like these where the firm’s attorneys specialize, providing legal counsel, financial guidance and ultimately support for a future life that is stable and sustainable.

Eidelman & Associates recognizes the unique challenges of divorce after long-term marriage and is prepared to help itsclient’s sort through their assets and debts to prioritize them as it relates to a financially secure future. The length of the marriage matters, and in Pennsylvania judges are permitted to factor in time married when awarding alimony. Eidelman & Associates will help you understand the unique nature of your marriage in the courtroom, and work to ensure your case ends satisfactorily.

Eidelman & Associates is committed to solving the legal realities of your divorce, and they approach each case with a compassionate and understanding attitude. With that in mind, a major legal priority for their attorneys is the legal status of children. Although some long-term marriages that end in divorce have already seen their children off to college, Eidelman & Associates attorneys are experienced in handling child support for young and teenage children.

Finally, Eidelman & Associates knows that clients who retired for many years will need financial counsel in order to have a stable and successful future. That’s why their attorneys make your financial future a top priority, focusing on advisement for areas like retirement, rejoining the workforce and ultimately how to keep your financial future from being at risk.

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Eidelman & Associates is a Pennsylvania based family-law focused firm in Allentown, PA. Their attorneys have a combined 60-years’ experience working divorce cases and other family-related legal cases.

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