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The rising demand for high-protein food is expected to create new avenues for eggs packaging across the globe. The use of eggs and egg products have always been an essential part of households. This is significantly increasing the demand for eggs and egg packaging for their safe transportation in the market. The increasing the consumption of eggs is expected to boost the demand for the egg production and packaging in the global market during the forecast period. Eggs are highly fragile and delicate food items that require high protection from partial and complete physical damage during storage, handling, and transportation. The revenue of the global egg packaging market is significantly increasing due to the complex nature of packaging and transportation of eggs in recent years. Cartons and trays are preferred across all regions to protect the eggs while transportation. Mostly, consumers across the world prefer to consume eggs over meat as a safe and inexpensive source of protein, further fueling revenues opportunities in the global market.


The APAC region to witness exponential growth for egg cartons and an increase in the sales especially in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Furthermore, the egg packaging vendors across the world are increasing their focus on their competitive strategies to increase profit in the coming years. Also, companies are trying to implement cost-effective product designs and the reduction of machine time to increase their profit in the packaging market. However, the customer-oriented approach in egg packaging is providing opportunities to vendors in saving transportation costs and delivery time, which is significantly driving the market across all-region. The growing trend of healthy lifestyles among the majority of the population is influencing the growth of egg packaging in Europe, APAC, and in other regions. The global egg packaging market is expected to reach $3.7 billion by 2025.


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Key Insights from the Egg Packaging Market Include:

  1. The productivity across majority of food and egg vendors across the world reduced by 3% during Q1 2020 due to pandemic lock down.
  2. In 2019, the majority of egg packaging vendors has adopted paper-based products that will reduce carbon footprint to meet the government regulations in several countries around the world.
  3. More than 64% of the European consumers prefer recycled paper and cardboard packaging that are better for the environment.
  4. On global scale, the egg packaging market is dominated by APAC, Europe, and North America, which held over 70% share of the market in 2019.


Growing Use of Recyclable Materials


The rising use of environment-friendly and recyclable materials is projected to fuel the growth of the global market for recyclable egg packaging during the forecasted period. The increasing environmental concern will encourage vendors to reduce the use of non-sustainable materials, reuse, and recycle, shifting towards sustainable packaging solutions. Several vendors are continuously innovating to reduce waste especially with the use of thinner and lighter material. Additionally, majority of the players are looking for paper-based packaging solutions that is expected to be the major growth driver for the market during the forecast period. According to Arizton research, packaging accounted for at least 25% of all domestic waste in 2019. Therefore, it is evident that packaging materials are made from waste materials are highly recommended for virgin packaging across many countries. Several initiatives and subsidies in APAC, Europe and North America countries are initiated to maintain profitability with environment-friendly products in the egg packaging industries. Hence, the demand for eco-friendly materials is growing and is expected to drive the market during the forecasted period.


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Geographical Overview on Egg Packaging


The demand for egg packaging products in North America is increasing due to the growing egg consumption in restaurants and quick service outlets. Furthermore, the rise consumption in confectionaries and processed egg products are expected to drive the sales volume of eggs that are packed in the tray during the forecast period. However, the growing concern to reduce the application of plastic materials is increasing. Thereby, encouraging several vendors in North America to invest in research and development activities for sustainability and eco-friendly packaging products. The North American market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 4% during the forecast period.


Europe has the highest level of sensitivity and awareness in providing sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. The demand for protein-rich diets is increasing among the European population. Several food security authorities in major developed economies like Germany, Belgium, and the UK are proposing updates in regulations for packaging standards. The food consumption pattern in Europe is majorly influenced by millennials and generation Z. Hence, vendors in Europe are increasing their focus on this target consumer group to market innovative product solutions. The rising consumption of organic and free-range eggs among the Europeans is attracting several vendors to boost their operation in the market.


FAQs about the Egg Packaging Market:


Q. What is the market size of the egg packaging?

A. The global egg packaging market is projected to reach revenues of over $3.7 billion by 2025.


Q. What is the market growth of egg packaging?

A. The global egg packaging market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 4% during the forecasted period.


Q. What is the global market segmentation of the egg packaging?

A. The global egg packaging market is segmented by product type, material, and geography.


Q. What is the market insight of the egg packaging?

A. The growth in the carton packaging market is mainly due to the continued and increasing demand for frozen/chilled foods, dry foods, and perishables like eggs and poultry products, especially in emerging economies.


Q. What are the major regions in the global egg packaging market?

A. The leading regions in the egg packaging market include North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and MEA.


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