eFor-Real.com: A Social Network For Curating The Most Current, Unique And Valuable Information.

The Website Is Uniquely Formatted To Save People Time When Accessing Important Information

Houston – April 19, 2018 – eFor-Real.com is a new initiative that helps curate the most recent news and useful information in a social media-like format. Here, our users can submit an editorial link with the major points and opinions (in about 50 words or less) of any news that meets the website criteria of being unique and useful to society.  The same news is not posted more than once. This concept helps our readers, researchers, and bloggers to save time as they can easily get more information sooner.

In addition, the simple layout of the website makes it very convenient for all to see and search for the latest news from all corners of the world. The many categories/ groups that comprise the site are easy to search, thus giving people easy and quick access to invaluable knowledge.

One of the coolest part of this initiative is that similar posts from multiple users can be connected via links in a way that ends up telling all the relatively recent stories on that topic from various angles. The website is strongly moderated to achieve this.

And the website also makes it convenient for those interested in business exposure, on websites like Reddit, to source and post interesting information older than 3 months. This is because we do not upvote any post. Read more about it here.

Users can also search for jobs, via our partner, ZipRecruiter, and ask unique questions, In addition to reading the priceless pieces of information that our users post.

eFor-Real.com is open to everyone who craves knowledge. So at this point, we would like to invite everyone to visit the website as this would make clearer all the jargons that have just been said.

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