Efficiency-Focused Ergonomic Keyboard Launches on Kickstarter

The TYPI Ergonomic Keyboard wants to make typing healthier and more efficient for digital professionals

Hong Kong – A crowdfunding campaign launched today on Kickstarter is offering an ergonomic keyboard that seeks to solve the common challenges to the health, well-being and working performance of digital professionals posed by conventional keyboards.

“Conventional keyboards rest on a layout model that is beyond outdated, that was never designed to be used in an intuitive way, and which causes debilitating finger, wrist and hand problems to digital professionals for their prolonged use of this type of keyboards,” stated Jonathan, the creator of TYPI, the ergonomic keyboard that is now available to early backers in one of the world’s largest crowdfunding campaigns.

The TYPI Ergonomic Keyboard claims to offer a comfortable, efficient and healthy alternative to conventional keyboards based on its features. The keyboard has a smooth palm-rest surface to support the user’s palms and wrists while typing, offering a special design that takes into consideration the way digital professionals type and use keyboards.

In terms of functionality, the TYPI lets users customize their keyboards, taking a DYI approach, and it places the keys in more intuitive and user-friendly positions within the keyboard, making them easier to reach. “We have two things in mind: the user’s orthopedic health and comfort as well as the user’s optimized output,” Jonathan said, explaining that the TYPI keyboard is especially designed to support a better typing performance requiring less effort and less hand moves.

The TYPI has laser engraved key caps for higher character display visibility, it features a PCB double high accuracy to assist the user’s typing work and prevent omissions as well as the need for repetitions, and it is also programmed to prevent key conflict issues. “Even if you press 114 keys at the same time, there will not be any task conflict”, TYPI’s creator said.

Along with moving the direction controllers from the right to left, to allow users to keep using the right hand with the mouse while using controllers with the left, and along with changing the conventional places of several keys that are now placed in more intuitive and easy-to-use positions within the keyboard, the ergonomic device also includes new keys. An extra BACKSPACE key on the right of the SPACE key, and several other new keys which allow the user to instantly minimize all folders, programs and documents, get direct access to the task manager, open the file explorer in one click, and even lock the screen and computer hitting only one key, are expected to drive the attention of intensive computer users.

“While it is very different and so much better than conventional keyboards, the learning curve for new users of the TYPI is extremely short,” Jonathan asserted, further stating that a new user is expected to be able to make a fluent use of the keyboard in under one week.

In terms of other characteristics, durability has also been a concern of the developers of this keyboard, not only due to the robust and high-quality materials used for the frame, keys and entire structure, but also due to the fact that the keyboard comes with a High-Strength PL woven cable that endures weight of 50kg without being affected. The keys also display a higher luminance, being equipped with spacecraft-class L6 Lora Key Lights which also use less power than conventional keyboards.

The impacting figures of digital professionals who are affected by Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome associated with the excessive use of keyboards and the unnatural design that most keyboards offer are expected to move potential backers into this campaign.

Created by PICYC, the TYPI Ergonomic Keyboard has been developed by a team whose core staff previously worked at VILIV China. “We are now leveraging our powerful background in the industry to develop high-performing PC byproducts such as keyboard, mouse, speaker, and screens products under the new PICYC brand, as is the case of the TYPI Ergonomic Keyboard”, Jonathan concluded.

For more information, please visit: https://goo.gl/KuqH2T, or contact April Zhu at support@picyc.com.

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