Edward Skerritt Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Promote PEPE Plush Frog

PEPE Plush Frog is the creation of Edward Skerritt who designed PEPE after a famous internet Meme of the same name.

Love him or hate him, the original deplorable is here.  Started in the early 2000’s by creator Matt Furie, Pepe started out as kind of an every-man frog.  He lives with his three roommates:  a dog, a bear, and a wolf.  It expressed the early 20-something hedonistic lifestyle of just handing out, playing pranks on each other, eating pizza, partying, and other similar events.  A lot of bodily humor is contained in Pepe.  For whatever reason, the Pepe the Frog guy was singled out and started to evolve into an internet meme sensation.

Now, Edward Skerritt has created a plush version of this internet sensation bringing to life all of the antics of Pepe.  With adjustable hands, Pepe can grasp items or make gestures that are only limited by the owner’s imagination.  The possibilities are endless.

The Pepe mug will also be a separate item to that you can clasp other items with the hands.  Also included if ordered are the smug Pepe, sad Pepe stickers, and the cheers Pepe champagne magnet.  Hands, fingers and arms will be able to manipulate as wanted.  Let’s bring Pepe to life!

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1554227491/pepe-plush-frog-lets-bring-pepe-to-life,  offers pledge levels from $25 AUD to $275 AUD, with rewards including everything from stickers, magnets, coffee cups, and your very own PEPE plush doll.

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

For a $25 AUD pledge, you will receive your very own PEPE plush doll.  For ten AUD more at the $35 AUD level, you will receive one plush with a play pack that includes a mug, stickers, and a magnet.  At the $65 AUD pledge level, you will get double of everything.  That means two PEPE plush dolls, 2 sets of stickers, 2 magnets, and 2 mugs!  At the $140 AUD pledge amount, you will receive 5 PEPE plush dolls in addition to the full pack.  The top level is the $275 AUD pledge level that includes 10 play packs and 10 PEPE plush dolls.

The prototype is very sturdy and once the Kickstarter campaign is over, Skerritt plans on working with a number of solid companies to get PEPE sorted and shipped.  According to Skerritt, “I’m passionate about people and making this world a better place with a love of humor and a little green guy!”

About PEPE Plush Frog:  

PEPE Plush Frog is a meme that has come to life as a plush doll.

Media Contact
Company Name: PEPE Plush Frog
Contact Person: Edward Skerritt
Email: eskerrit@gmail.com
Phone: +61414780097
City: Perth
Country: Australia
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1554227491/pepe-plush-frog-lets-bring-pepe-to-life