eDrive Concept Group, LLC Announces The Launch of Their Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

As more and more people become cautious about the global warming and start looking for ways to lower emmissions and lead a greener life, there are businesses and corporations focusing on exactly that, on a daily basis. It’s not every day we hear about new launches and extraordinary projects though. In a few days, “eDrive Concept Group, LLC” will be launching their equity crowdfunding campaign website.

According to recent studies, the car as a status symbol has served its time. Mostly the younger generation does not refer to the automobile as “the German´s favourite” anymore. It´s about getting from point A to point B and it better be as simple, affordable, and emission-free as possible.

The eDrive Concept Group’s product is an innovation in the ecological mobility sector. LEVs (Light Electric Vehicle) are the way to change the means of local transportation soon. Individual and emission-free vehicles, combined with fun and adventure, are going to revolutionize mobility in short and medium distances. All vehicles produced by the company got the European and Swiss Type Approval, and the company is working to get the approval as first vehicle with adaptive maximal speed limit legally approved.

This means, the same vehicle can be used on the road (45km/h), bike lane (25km/h) and pedestrian area (6km/h). According to Michael Busch, speaking on behalf of Mr. Walter Josef Egli, Vice-President & CFO of eDrive Concept Group – “With this new type we will plan to be the Nr. 1 in all rental fleets. Our mature technology will be the base of new narrow lane lightweight leaning vehicles.”

Business Idea: Innovative Technology – Unique Solutions

The products distinguish themselves from the competition with their concept, their unique balance of self-weight and load capacity, considerably higher top speed, the folding mechanism, as well as the combination of sturdiness and comfort. In addition, the vehicles are licensed for Europe’s roads. The three-wheel construction, combined with the Carving frame, bring an amazing driving experience and safety.

eDrive Concept Group’s vehicles can be customized and are available in a wide variety of performance classes. For more information, please visit https://www.equitynet.com/c/edrive-concept-group-llc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFClCxKaoJo&t=47s, as well as the company’s website at https://www.edrive-concept.com/index.php/en/.

For those interested in having a personal discussion, please get in touch with the company and they will be happy to set up a convenient time.

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