Edraw Releases a New Version of the MindMaster

Edraw Releases a New Version of the MindMaster

Leading provider of innovative software solutions, Edraw, announces an update to the popular mind mapping tool, MindMaster, with the release of the Version 7.3

Edraw, the makers of the innovative diagramming solution, recently released the MindMaster Version 7.3, an update to the desktop application, which is available to users of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The popularity of the use of digital presentations has increased in recent times, allowing businesses and other users to communicate effectively with their audience. Consequently, Visio from Microsoft and other diagramming tools have emerged to meet the needs of users. However, many such solutions have not been particularly helpful due to their relatively high cost and their seemingly difficult to navigate interface. This makes it difficult for people to harness the benefits of mind mapping solutions and present their ideas in a captivating way, at least, until the launch of MindMaster by Edraw. In a similar vein, the company has launched a new version of the software, with more exciting features to enhance the experience of users and their results.

The new features of the updated version include a new look/VIS for both desktop and online versions. This comes with the same UI and icons, with a green color that offers users a comfortable experience. The updated version of MindMaster also allows users to easily import Xmind Zen files, with enhanced compatibility with practically any mind map design. The new features of the mind mapping tool will ensure improved productivity, faster opening, searching, and copying of files.

The last and probably most important feature that comes with the update is the launch of a new plan – “Lifetime Subscription Plan.” This will help people log in their account on all platforms, including Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), Web, iOS, and Android. The Cloud Storage feature also allows users to synchronize their data across any device.

Here are some new surprising features with the MindMaster Online Version.

The Real-time collaboration, allowing multiple people to edit the same diagram simultaneously is great for remote working. There is also a formula library that includes all commonly used math equation symbols. Some of the symbols are Relationship and operator, Modifier, Arrow, Miscellaneous, Greek, Separator, Fractions, Square roots, Subscripts and Superscripts, Summation, Results and Set, Integral, Underlines and Overlines, Label arrow, Rectangle, and a host of others.

For more information about MindMaster and the amazing features of the tool, please visit – https://www.mindmaster.io. Edraw is also available across several social media platforms, including FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

About Edraw and MindMaster

Edraw is the newest addition to the Wondershare family of software products. The company aims to provide drawing solutions that enable customers do their jobs with maximized productivity, little effort, minimal time and at affordable costs. The company believes that great software does not have to be expensive and should be affordable to anyone. 

MindMaster is one of the Edrawsoft groups, described “as the best mind mapping design tool,” developed to allow anyone to visualize and design mind maps easily with numerous customized templates.

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