Edison NJ Long Distance Movers For Apartments & Heavy Furniture: Report Launched

Edison NJ Long Distance Movers For Apartments & Heavy Furniture: Report Launched
A new report launched by Movers.com provides guidance on carrying heavy furniture up and down stairs safely and helps to estimate the costs for a variety of situations so clients can determine if they wish to hire a professional moving service.

Moving heavy furniture up and down stairs can be dangerous, but this new report launched by Movers.com provides guidelines for completing the task safely and estimating whether it is worth hiring a professional moving company, which may charge additional fees.

More information about moving heavy furniture, the cost of hiring a professional, and a list of potentially helpful tools can be found at https://www.movers.com/moving-guides/moving-heavy-furniture-upstairs.html

The new comprehensive report breaks down the process of moving heavy furniture into simple steps, beginning with a pre-moving plan. The report suggests that users should first measure the stairs, furniture, doors, and any turns, to ensure that all the items are small enough to make the full trip.

Whenever possible, the report advises users to deconstruct furniture as small as possible, by removing legs, drawers, shelves, or any other detachable parts. While this can make the items a more manageable size, it also helps to keep down the overall weight per trip.

Before any items are carried, Movers.com recommends using moving blankets or similar items to protect banisters and railings, as well as installing stair edge covers to protect them from damage and to prevent slipping. In some situations, particularly those with slippery or fragile floors, the report also recommends non-slip neoprene floor runners.

Two potentially helpful tools for heavier items are also mentioned: a hand truck and moving straps. While the hand truck, a 2-wheeled dolly, is useful for carrying taller or heavier items for long stretches, it can also be used to carry items upstairs by rolling them up backward, one step at a time.

With moving straps, which require at least two people, the report suggests that larger objects can be carried safely by evenly distributing the weight across the user’s shoulders. The full report contains detailed instructions on how to use each tool, and how to carry these larger loads safely.

The report also contains a simple price estimate tool that allows users to input information about their upcoming move, and receive up to 7 no-cost, no-obligation quotes from local moving companies.

An excerpt from the report reads: “Moving heavy furniture is a complex task in itself, and carrying it upstairs makes it even more challenging. While professional movers can easily do such jobs in less time, you can also do it yourself once you know the proper technique and the kind of tools that can help with the maneuver.”

The entire article can be accessed at no cost at https://www.movers.com/moving-companies/nj-new-jersey/edison/cheap-movers.html

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