Eddie and Makhyli changing the world one mother-daughter relationship at a time!

Eddie Lee and Makhyli Simpson, announces the release of their new activity book, Changing Directions, where they teach how to strengthen the bond and nurture the relationship between mother and teen daughter

Eddie Lee and Makhyli Simpson have reestablished a loving bond between each other after a rocky start during Makhyli’s transition into a teenager. They do not only have a mother-daughter relationship but also work as manager and artist while Makhyli pursues her dreams in Hollywood. The duo recently announced the release of their new book titled Changing Directions, where they provide simple, practical, yet effective tips on how to navigate the traditionally difficult preteen and teen years and build a loving, fun and deep relationship between mothers and daughters.

The family is said to be the smallest yet most important unit of society, with the children being a crucial part of this unit. The well-being of children will likely determine the well-being of the family; when children struggle so will their parents. “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men (and women),” says Fredrick Douglas. However, some parents have not figured out how to make sure their children enter adulthood unbroken.

The transition of a young daughter entering her teen years can be tough on the mother-daughter relationship. Therefore, Eddie and Makhyli have chronicled tips that will help mothers and teen daughters bond easier, faster, and more effectively. The book contains fun activities to do together that will strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Changing Direction – forming a beautiful bond between a mother and teen daughter includes several writing prompts to get conversations going in a safe way, fun bonding activities and a mother-daughter journal to share thoughts and ideas.

In addition to being a guide for mothers and daughters of today, the book is also a keepsake that will serve future generations, as a channel of passing along thoughts, information, and new traditions.

The book is written for mothers and daughters that want to take a step closer towards a stronger, deeper and exciting relationship. It is currently available for pre-order on the website for as low as $14.99. The pre-order offer also comes with a free gift for buyers.

More information about the book can be found on the website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Eddie and Makhyli

Eddie and Makhyli had a perfect relationship; they did everything together and many people admired their connection. They were not only mother and daughter, but artist and manager that worked effortlessly together to get Makhyli’s career off the ground. Things changed drastically when Makhyli became a teenager but Eddie and her daughter overcame the challenges to become the best of friends again and build a loving and compassionate relationship.

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