Ecometras developing a fleet of drones with software

The scientists at Ecometras are seeking $47,163 in pledges by April 18 for their Dron-X concept.  With 58 days to go in their pledge campaign they have received $552 from 3 backers.

“We are the team of enthusiasts in the field of new technologies. Together with leading scientists we create our own drone software,” a spokesman for Ecometras stated. “The goal of our project is to collect funds for the development and further stages of research. If we manage to collect the necessary amount of money, we will be able to offer you access to the application very soon.”

At this time the people at Ecometras have written software to control a large number of drones through the internet cloud. They have developed two important projects and are ready to move on to more if they can get the funding.

“We want to go and develop further,” the spokesman stated. “We are working on the expansion of our system capabilities: drones without the operator control which will detect and avoid potential danger on their own. The precision landing feature will finish the drone flight in a scheduled target.” 

The new application, if successful, will include a wireless charging drone, interface capability with a smartphone or tablet, and a point-to-multipoint communication.

In addition, they want to create a series of landing areas. With the new communication software, drones could move from one to another with minimal risk of a collision.

There are five levels of pledges with rewards valued between £1 and £280 ($349, USD). Rewards include access to the Dron-X project.

The Dron-X project will be accessible to those who pledge £4 (about $5 USD) or more to the project’s development. Users should go to the website and register.

Dron-X applications at present connect the individual drones through the server which allows it to send and receive data from each drone and to control the drones with simple commands.

“Only high-class scientists work for us. We are confident about our success – moreover that, two stages of our project are already finished.”

Stage 3, the detection of obstacles, is about 36% completed. Stage 4 is about 32% developed and includes inertial sensors allowing precision landing.

Go to to make a pledge or for more information. An alternate website to visit is: has been an online platform since 2009 that allows people to promote and raise start-up capital for their creative ideas.

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