Ecolone Handmade Soaps Inc. Helps Schools, Businesses, And Organizations Raise Up To $200k With Fundraising Program

The US-based, family-owned and run bath and skincare products company Ecolone Handmade Soaps is on the rise!  Their US based headquarters is located downton in Baton Rouge, LA.  Not only does Ecolone produce high-quality skin care products to sell to consumers and distributors nation wide but they also help schools, businesses, and organizations raise up to $200k through their Fundraising Program. With the ambition of achieving something that is bigger than just manufacturing and selling soap, the company’s fundraisers are helping businesses and organizations reap the multiple benefits of holding a successful fundraiser.

Speaking about the Ecolone Fundraising Program, the spokesperson for the company explained that since the beginning of the program, they have been able to help different types of organizations such as schools, businesses, churches, non-profits and more achieve many financial and strategic goals. She also said, “We believe that fundraising is for all different types of organizations. Most businesses regardless of financial projections, hit monetary pitfalls.  Majority businesses can not get a loan unless they have been in business for a long time or they have to meet certain qualifications. If credit score is a concern for most financial institutions, that person or business is stuck! Anything can happen in business and our fundraisers help organizations big or small prepare for those situations.”  Why Ecolone’s fundraisers are such a good idea is pretty obvious, because YOU DO NOT PAY OUT OF POCKET FOR THIS FUNDRAISER! Therefore, the profit is already in your favor.  Even lucrative companies cannot deny the benefits of fundraising due to the money they are able to raise, furthermore, fundraising helps build your organization and brand.

The most obvious reason for having a fundraiser is the money. This aspect of fundraising is especially important for businesses that are facing a tough time keeping up with the costs of running an organization. According to business experts and  risk management assessors, Ecolone Handmade Soaps has a coherent fundraising strategy that will reduce financial risk. Also Ecolone’s Fundraiser program can also be a great way of growing a business and an important example here would be of charities that in the current financial and economic conditions are finding it hard to reach a fraction of the beneficiaries they require to grow or become more independent by relying less on donors.

Ecolone Handmade Soaps has designed a variety of different plans and projections to suit the needs and goals of different sizes and types of organizations. Their fundraising division works right alongside organizations in arranging the fundraiser. The company’s philosophy has always been to develop products and services that improve the life of their consumers, businesses and the community.

Ecolone Handmade Soaps is becoming one of the most highly requested of all natural driven companies for investors and distributors in the United States! Ecolone also has body butter, anti-aging cream, essential oils for aromatherapy uses and much more to come! Ecolone is in collaboration with multiple successful companies that are dedicated to developing and building businesses from the ground to sustainability.

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