Eco Premium Packaging launches Initial License Offering (ILO) on the ILO Exchange (ILOCX), matching Smart Capital with a ground-breaking environmental solution to reverse the global plastic pollution crisis.

With one of the major challenging issues of our times as to how government regulators and consumers deal with global plastic pollution, EPP produces compostable products that the planet absolutely needs now to survive. Becoming a part of the EPP business through an ILO on the ILOCX will support the move away from harmful plastic to sustainable, compostable agro-fibre.

EPP, based in Malaysia — where biomass raw material is abundantly available — manufactures a wide range of products such as carry bags, drinking straws, utensils, medical trays and food containers, all designed to replace the plastic tsunami that is choking and killing animals on land, sea and in the air. There are now already more pieces of plastic on our planet than there are stars in the Milky Way. If the world continues its current polluting ways it is estimated that there will be more plastic by weight than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Recycling is not adequately addressing this plastic waste issue. At the moment, the different types of conventional plastic in use poses problems for established recycling systems. While some nations are capable of recycling up to half of their plastic packaging, durable plastics that are unsupported by existing recycling systems still end up in landfill or incineration.

As single-use Styrofoam and plastic packaging material is banned over more and more of the world, EPP’s exclusive natural packaging helps companies position themselves ahead of the environmental curve while showing their commitment to responsible manufacturing.  EPP can help to make healthy choices for smarter business while preserving a greener planet.

EPP technology, using compostable agro-fibre materials, is proven superior to competing technologies — especially in the vitally important area of effectiveness in landfill biodegradation and recyclability. As well as all of this, EPP products maintain a proven stability in their storage and service life.

According to Edward Fitzpatrick, CEO of ILOCX: “To be a pioneer in two key areas of change all you need to do is buy units of the EPP ILO, listed on the world’s most innovative fundraising exchange, the ILOCX.”

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“Not only are you helping rid the world of plastic, but you would also be promoting fast, fair and secure funding structures for the global SME community and turn a profit in the process”.

Fitzpatrick went onto to say that: “EPP has a steady and sensible growth curve, with a revenue projected in year three in excess of $7 million USD paying a royalty sufficient to grow your original buy-in price of $125 USD per license to $270 USD — not bad while addressing one of the planet’s critical issues of modern times”.

EPP, as a cutting edge pioneer in the process of using 100% agro-fibre packaging, offers a timely technological solution to address the world-wide scourge of plastic pollution.  With the global demand for non-plastic packaging material vastly exceeding supply, the company is ideally placed to capitalize on this unique commercial opportunity.


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