eBookWeek Recorded 1 Million Daily Visitors From All Parts Of The Globe

eBookWeek, one of the leading e-book reviewing sites just reordered a massive increase in traffic which reach one million daily users.

It is known that the number of internet users is increasing daily. We also know that new and modern websites measure an increase in the popularity. One of the first sites dedicated to e-book reviewing has just reached 1 million visitors. The name is ebookweekand this is their story.

The site was developed specifically for reviewing some of the most popular e-books written by writers from all parts of the globe. There is no need to invest in an e-book that will forgotten any time soon. Now you can consult the site we mentioned and read the reviews of some popular e-books. A more important matter here is that the site measured the massive increase in popularity.

They reach 1 million daily users. According to the site administrator, we can reveal that 60% of them are from the United States. 20% are from the United Kingdom and the other 20% are mixed traffic from different parts of the globe. This is a massive increase in popularity of 200% compared to the past month.

Reasons for that are simple. The eBookWeek Ebook Week offers the most comprehensive reviews of many, different e-books. They are appreciated among book enthusiasts as well and they have an overall satisfaction rate of 99%. We were unable to contact the owner of the site, but according to the social media, they are preparing to continue the increase in popularity.

We can reveal (unofficially) that the company invested in new servers which are based on the latest technology. They have upgraded the website dynamics and made it even quicker. All of this is essential for visitors who want the best results every single time.

We definitely can reveal that the trend will continue in the future. Sites that start reaching a massive audience usually continue to do so indefinitely. This is known as the wave effect and in simple words, it means that users share the experience which increases the site popularity.

About the company:

eBook Week is dedicated to e-book reviews. They offer some of the best reviews of the popular e-books and they offer a wide choice of categories. In addition, they are known for reviewing e-books about finance, health, home and garden, and technology. For more information, kindly visit https://www.ebookweek.com/.

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