Earthmedz, the decentralized patient and doctor-driven cooperative will begin their ICO on April 20th, 2018

Earthmedz is the newly launched cooperative led by patients and guided by doctors that focuses on life-threatening diseases. The platform aimed at sourcing the best methodologies for delivering improved health outcomes for patients worldwide has announced that their official ICO will begin on April 20th, 2018. Its goal is to empower everyone, everywhere with knowledge and access to the best medical care in specialized medicine.

Through the ICO, Earthmedz will offer 150 million ETD tokens, which are based on Ethereum (ERC-20). The ICO will be held in four stages, with each stage offering one ETD token at a price of $0.12, $0.13, $0.14 and $0.15 respectively. The soft cap is $3M and the hard cap is $20.1M. The success of the ICO will ensure that the platform is able to follow its goal of providing the one of its kind decentralized healthcare solution for everyone in the world.

Earthmedz incorporates an ecosystem of healthcare-related services led by the whole community of patients, world’s leading doctors and specialists, caretakers and anyone who’s interested in contributing to improving health outcomes. It’s a common platform where the patients, medical practitioners, and the entire health ecosystem can connect directly with each other. The patient can be in one country and the specialist in another but through this platform, they’ll be able to communicate and the get solutions for their problems.

Using the power of blockchain technology, Earthmedz strives to build an interconnected ecosystem for healthcare where the efficiency of the processes and services are increased and where information is embedded in the digital code, stored in transparent, shared databases and securely protected from deletion, tampering, and revision.

This platform overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional healthcare system such as the limited access to the right medical care due to a shortage of specialists, issues of privacy and risks of data theft or hacking attacks. It focuses on bringing transparency to the healthcare by supporting and funding projects that map world’s leading specialists in life-threatening and rare conditions per country. This will enable the patients worldwide to find the right specialists.

Earthmedz is building a network of doctor specialists who would provide the patients with the right information before they take any major health decision. The Earthmedz ecosystem will be comprised of healthcare centers, hospitals, diagnostic labs, insurance organizations, pharmacies, research institutions, patient organizations and other stakeholders that could benefit from the ecosystem.

This system will also enhance healthcare experiences through better data collection and improved global research. More information about the platform and the upcoming ICO can be seen on

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