EarFun unveils New Air 2 with Hi-Res and LDAC support in a sleek design for under $50, setting a new standard of value in wireless audio.

EarFun unveils New Air 2 with Hi-Res and LDAC support in a sleek design for under $50, setting a new standard of value in wireless audio.
EarFun is set to release the next iteration of its venerated Air series – Air 2. Their light, low-profile TWS earbuds incorporate the latest industry connectivity and audio certifications for a premium wireless audio experience.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Feb 5, 2024 – EarFun continues its streak of upgrading its wireless earbuds lines meaningfully. The new Air 2 is their newest upgrade, offering the latest in wireless connectivity, audio performance, and user customization inside an updated exterior. The original was a success, carrying a slim appearance, great ergonomics, and an attractive price. EarFun goes further, with increasing the driver sizes from 6mm to 10mm, while keeping a similar barely-there feel and weight. The new TWS earbuds also receive numerous upgrades mentioned in detail below.

The Air 2 will feature the Hi-Res Audio certification for wireless devices, offering a wider frequency spectrum that delivers greater clarity and sonic detail. To get the most out of the Hi-Res certification will ideally require uncompressed audio files or music streaming services that offer lossless formats. LDAC decoding is also present to take advantage of LDAC compatible devices for an enhanced wireless experience that provides up to 990 kbps over Bluetooth – three times more data than standard Bluetooth codecs. Both the Hi-Res and LDAC certifications take advantage of a generous pair of 10mm Wool Composite Dynamic Drivers. The Wool Composite drivers adopt the benefits of their ideal sonic properties to project clarity for fatigueless listening.

EarFun’s product manager explains: “Having LDAC and Hi-Res certifications for us is about setting a standard for sound features at the wireless audio level. The adoption of Bluetooth 5.3 also served to support this direction. Integrating the latest industry technologies in combination with EarFun’s dynamic sound signature makes the Air 2 deliver in spades. We don’t believe it is impossible to push the limits of wireless audio at this price point, and make real strides in closing the sound quality gap between wired and wireless earbuds.”

Speaking of Bluetooth, the Air 2 boasts the latest Bluetooth 5.3 version which offers Ultra Low Power efficiency to extend battery life, and helps establish a faster and more stable connection between devices in use. Without physical obtrusions, the TWS earbuds can stay connected with the source device up to multiples further in range versus previous generations with the added benefit of enhanced volume levels.

With the Air 2, making and receiving calls is a more attractive proposition compared to experiences on other wireless earbuds, where call quality is subpar, voices are hard to hear and distorted. EarFun remedies this by integrating four microphones that actively monitor user and environmental sounds during phone calls. It makes for an intelligent noise cancellation experience that distinguishes your voice in noisy environments. With its Multipoint Connectivity, you can immediately resume use of your other connected device after concluding your phone call. Or you can use the Touch Controls to toggle accordingly. An all-in-one volume control is also accessible by touch.

Combining Bluetooth 5.3 and a more efficient chip topology, the Air 2 can offer 9 hours of playback on a single charge and an additional 31 hours with the USB-C charging case for a total of 40 hours, five hours more than the model’s previous generation. The Air 2 is both true wireless and a true companion. Along with its long battery life, its IPX7 waterproofing and SweatShield Technology keep the elements out, where they belong. The included USB-C rechargeable case can be Fast Charged with a quick 10-minute charge lasting two hours. The case is also wireless charging compatible, making the Air 2 the perfect everyday pair of TWS earbuds. At home, the Air 2’s Game Mode keeps latency below a legless benchmark of less than 55ms for gaming and movies, where voices and input being in sync matter most.

With legacy brands costing anywhere between $100-250, EarFun continues to provide the best bang for buck. Being priced at only $49.99, no less is true here.

Pricing and Availability

EarFun Air 2 now is available on EarFun’s Official Website and Amazon EarFun Shop for $49.99. Furthermore, EarFun has expanded shipping locations. Visit www.myearfun.com for more information.

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EarFun, an audio brand established in California in 2018, is run by an experienced group of industrial designers, acoustic engineers and music enthusiasts who shared the goal of creating next-generation wireless audio devices. The EarFun team is driven by a passion for music and a commitment to delivering solutions that use the latest technology to improve sound for wireless audio products. EarFun has become one of the most acclaimed wireless audio brands worldwide within just 3 years.

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