Eagle Eyes (china-qualityinspection.com) Provides Vietnam Inspection Service To Help Importers And Amazon Sellers

Eagle Eyes (china-qualityinspection.com) Provides Vietnam Inspection Service To Help Importers And Amazon Sellers

Vietnam Inspection Service, Amazon FBA Inspection Service

Eagle eyes quality inspection company is a professional third party inspection company, offering quality control, factory Audit and container loading supervision service. Now we anounce to provides Vietnam Inspection Service to help importers and Amazon sellers.

In our Vietnam Inspection Service and Vietnam Quality Control Service, common Products Inspected As Below:

Garments: (pajamas, bra, uniform, shirt, pant), bags, caps, gloves, backpacks, Shoes (High-heels), bedding sets, etc.
Rubber products: (mattress), frozen seafood, cashew nuts, tea, peanut, rice, coffee, wooden products (Furniture), etc.
Electronics: camera, speaker, Tablet PC, laptop, mobile phone and Telephone accessories and many more.

QA & QC Inspection Service Networks: Major manufacturing cities across Vietnam.

You are welcome to visit http://www.china-qualityinspection.com/vietnam-quality-control.html of more of our vietnam inspection service.

Also more and more merchants, regardless the origin of countries, are sourcing their products from Vietnam/ China other Asian countries to sell on Amazon.

After they send the products to amazon warehouses, Amazon picks, packs, and ships merchants’ orders to end consumers. And Amazon, set up the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which all the sellers on Amazon should follow strictly, such as weight limit per box, package size, shippment label, barcodes etc. And Amazon has its own rating system to rate the products sold on its platform. The poor quality products will result in poor rating, and can cause merchants to be out of the game if the poor quality products rate is over 1%. One important point here is, Amazon does not check the quality of the products to be sold on its platform (from what I was told), merchants need to control the quality on their own. Yet the merchants often have to ship the goods directly to an Amazon warehouse from suppliers/manufacturers warehouse, which means they can’t see the products for themselves in their countries.

If Amazon sellers could not ship the goods to their warehouse to check first before sending them to Amazon warehouses, to avoid complete disasters, they should at least do some quality control at suppliers/factories premises before shipment. And a pre-shipment inspection is most popular in all types of quality control inspection.

What will be checked in our Amazon FBA inspection service:

1. FBA barcodes reading (on product+package)
2. FBA labels requirement (labels sizes+quantities+applications)
3. FBA package requirement (carton/ inner box/ gift box sizes + weight limit)
4. FBA packing materials (DOs + DON’Ts)

Besides above special checking for Amazon FBA requirements, below points are covered in our regualr pre-shipment inspection service:

1. Quantity checking & samples size checked by AQL II standard
2. Appearance & Workmanship defectives
3. Other Data measurement
4. Function checking & testing
5. Carton drop test
6. Safety and conformance check when applicable

Know more about inspection service, check this page Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and Report sample.


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