DUI Refusal Lawyer Paul J. Tafelski Releases Comprehensive Article on DUI Refusals in Michigan

DUI Refusal Lawyer Paul J. Tafelski Releases Comprehensive Article on DUI Refusals in Michigan

Navigating the complex waters of Michigan’s DUI laws can be daunting, but DUI refusal lawyer Paul J. Tafelski of Michigan Defense Law has recently published an informative article designed to shed light on the intricacies of DUI refusals. The in-depth piece explores the consequences and legal proceedings surrounding the refusal to take a breath test during a DUI stop in Michigan.

In the realm of DUI defense, understanding the law is crucial, and according to DUI refusal lawyer Paul J. Tafelski, many drivers are often unaware of their rights and the implications of their actions during a DUI stop. The article serves as a guide to the preliminary breath test (PBT) and the significant repercussions of refusing a breathalyzer test after an arrest.

As DUI refusal lawyer Paul J. Tafelski points out, “When you are pulled over for a suspected DUI, or a traffic violation stop turns into a DUI stop, you may be asked to take a roadside preliminary breath test.” He emphasizes the importance of knowing when to refuse the PBT, stating that, “It is almost always smart to refuse the preliminary breath test (PBT).”

Michigan’s implied consent law is a critical aspect of DUI refusals, one that Paul J. Tafelski discusses thoroughly. The law dictates that by accepting a Michigan driver’s license, an individual consents to chemical testing if arrested for suspected drunk driving. “Refusing a PBT only results in a civil infraction and a fine with no potential suspension of the driver’s license,” explains Tafelski. However, he warns that “if a driver declines a chemical test, like a breath or blood test, after being arrested, their license will be automatically suspended for one year.”

The article by Paul J. Tafelski further educates readers on the subsequent steps following an arrest, including more accurate chemical testing at the police station and the potential forcible blood draw if one refuses the breath test. Tafelski stresses the critical nature of these proceedings, stating, “You may end up fighting multiple legal battles in three different courts as a result of the OWI and implied consent violation.”

DUI refusal lawyer Paul J. Tafelski also delves into the various defenses that can be utilized in DUI refusal cases. He underscores the urgency of seeking legal counsel, advising that “If you are issued an implied consent violation you must demand a hearing within 14 days, or your license will automatically be suspended for one year.” Tafelski notes that timely action can open up the possibility of negotiating resolutions that may address both the OWI case and the implied consent violation concurrently.

The article concludes with a powerful reminder of the stakes involved in DUI refusals and the importance of seeking a seasoned attorney to navigate the complexities. It serves not only as an educational resource but also as a call to action for those facing DUI charges in Michigan.

Those concerned about a DUI refusal or facing related charges should consider the insights shared by Paul J. Tafelski and his team. For further detailed information and guidance on how to proceed in the face of a DUI refusal, the full article on Michigan Defense Law’s website is an invaluable resource.

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