Dubai-Based Marketing and Web Development Pro Ayman Kaddoura Shares his Success Story

For those looking at engagement as the core of their marketing strategy, the man to approach is Ayman Kaddoura, CEO and Founder of The Bridge Technology based in Dubai. Ayman has been at the forefront of web development and promotion since 2011 and is today recognized as a leading marketing figure when it comes to internet marketing and business growth.

From traffic and traction to actual sales, Ayman Kaddoura has a firm grip on the art of web site promotions and making a business grow with flexible techniques. His command over technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and MySQL is matched with his knowledge of social media promotion, SEO, and marketing strategies for growth.

Ayman honed his skills in a variety of jobs, in fields such as sales, marketing, CRM, and management, and then launched himself as an entrepreneur. He grew up in Dubai and attended the American Private School there, and then finished his engineering degree. 

Everything is available, whatever you need! If you need help growing your business, you’ve come to the right place, from design and development to online support, maintenance, or a piece of advice,” says Ayman.

Ayman’s techniques revolve around building engagement and deriving sales from it. His company has developed dozens of professional and trendy websites fitted to the client’s objectives and even designs made from scratch. That’s only one half of the deal. He offers proven marketing strategies and SEO to make a venture successful.

Ayman’s success rests on his broad experience in web and marketing techniques. He is adept with all major skillsets, from Adwords and Analytics to social media ad campaigns, PPC management, data analysis, content marketing on social media, conceptualizing and executing campaigns on social networks, and so on. In short, Ayman has cracked the code of success for building successful digital brands, the code that is a must-have for every business today.

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