Dual Language and 50/50 Bilingual Program Offered to Sunnyslope Students

Teachers Collaborate to Build Instructional Curricula

Sunnyslope School launched its Dual Language and 50/50 Bilingual Program this past school year to provide students with the opportunity to deeply engage and excel in two languages. Parents in the South Bay Union School District have asked for a specific program to focus on language instruction so children can maintain a native language in addition to improving speaking, reading, and writing skills in another.

It has been proven time and again that bilingualism has a positive effect on many aspects of a child’s educational experience. For example, the deeper understanding of a second language improves a student’s ability to speak in his or her own native tongue.  Mental development and intellectual growth are also bolstered by a child’s ability to learn and speak two languages.

In addition to the academic benefits, students grow from the multicultural exposure and competence when being able to communicate multilingually. Furthermore, such early encouragement of bilingualism and biliteracy adds to a child’s career options in the professional world where there is a shockingly high demand for these multilingual skills.

A team of teachers and district leaders conducted research and parent outreach meetings in order to build an instructional plan and goal map for this program. Educators have attended professional development workshops to create curricula that can accommodate students willing to enroll in these bilingual programs.

About the South Bay Union School District:

The South Bay Union School District proudly serves over 7,500 students in Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, and south San Diego. The District is comprised of twelve campuses, including nine K-6 schools, two K-8 charter schools, and one Preschool. South Bay offers several specialized programs including Dual Language, Instrumental Music, Visual and Performing Arts, and a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Academy.

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