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“Drs Gr8 Nutrition Bar, clinically proven health benefits providing energy, mental clarity, curbs appetite and healthy blood values. The bar has been raised with Drs Gr8.”
Drs Gr8, LLC has partnered with integrative medical physicians experienced in nutrition and natural medicine where the team developed a unique nutrition bar called Drs Gr8 Bar; it is backed by clinical research. Our proof of concept is verified by considerable growing sales and reorders as well as original research within a clinical practice.

We firmly believe Drs Gr8 is the very best …. Bar None!

25 April, 2019 – Irvine, Calif. – Drs Gr8 Bar, LLC is announcing the launch of its new and unique nutrition bar – Drs Gr8 Bar.

About the Bar

Drs Gr8 Bar was formulated by integrative doctors specializing in nutrition at Tustin Longevity Center in Tustin California. We’ve raised the bar by carefully selecting all ingredients that are validated by clinical studies. Drs Gr8 Bar has the highest amount of the best fats known as phospholipids that restore, replace and revitalize all the cells, tissues and organs of the body.

Over time, Drs Gr8 Bar will ignite your feeling of long-lasting energy and alertness. You will experience youthful vigor and vitality provided by its proprietary blend of tried and proven ingredients. Drs Gr8 is like no other bar on the market today. It has highest amount of health-promoting phospholipids available, an amazingly high fiber content, non-soy plant-based protein with no added sugars and only 4 net carbohydrates.

We welcome you to try the world’s highest quality bar and see for yourself how it pumps your energy and performance, decreases sugar cravings sharpens your brain. Fine tune your health and overall wellness with Drs Gr8 Bar.

It is the very best… BAR NONE!

8 Gr8 Reasons Why…

1. Sparks energy
2. Advances mental clarity and focus
3. Helps curb appetite for weight control
4. Improves digestion
5. Reduces inflammation
6. Diminishes fatigue
7. Supports heart health
8. Restore cell membranes

Contains: • 15g Plant Protein • 15g Fiber • 2g Natural Sugar • 4 Net Carbs

Feel Amazing with Drs Gr8 Bar

With a smooth chocolaty, almond coconut flavor, there is no other great tasting bar that delivers the amount of clinically proven health benefits as Drs Gr8 Bar! You will feel durable energy and focus to excel at everything you set out to do. Your hunger will be curbed, and you’ll feel satisfied eating just one. Get the competitive edge Drs Gr8 Bar gives you by energizing all your cells to function at their full potential.

The Right Bar for Health and Wellness

Get the perfect pre or post-workout nutrition, on the go! Take your fuel with you, whether you’re on the way to an early-morning run, an after-work fitness class, or you need a boost for your weekend warrior activities. You’ll always have the right fuel, no matter what adventure awaits you!

You have a busy, on-the-go life, and you know how important it is to eat organic, wholesome clean food. Yet sometimes it’s tough when even after all the meal prepping, label reading and clean eating, you may still be missing key nutrients, causing you to feel lethargic or mentally foggy.

And although nutrition bars can be a fantastic option when you need a fast, healthy choice, it’s hard to find a low sugar “whole foods” bar that harmonizes with a healthy natural lifestyle.

That’s where Drs Gr8 Nutrition Bar comes in. Nutritious, delicious and backed by clinical studies, this healthy bar provides you with clean super foods to satisfy your hunger while naturally boosting your energy. Drs Gr8 Bar is loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients you’re looking for, without any of the gluten, filler ingredients, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives

Supports You Healthy and Vibrant Lifestyle

No matter what your life style, Drs’ Gr8 offers a simple and effective means to enrich your life. It increases activity levels, while heightening your pleasure in your daily activities. You can better pursue your interests, hobbies and pastimes with long-lasting energy and alertness… enriching your personal and unique life style.

Drs Gr8 Bar not only provides a substantial feeling of increased energy, alertness and endurance but also supports healthy aging by fortifying your cells with its powerful phospholipid component, helping to keep you young and healthy. If you want to be more productive, be the best you can be and have the energy you need to get through the day, and then eat a Drs Gr8 Bar!

Learn more, see the science, and try a Drs Gr8 Bar by visiting www.shop.drsgr8bar.com

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