Drought brings more recreation opportunities to Lake Powell

The drought is actually bringing more recreation opportunities to the Lake Powell reservoir.

“Dropping water levels are exposing slot canyons and rock formations few people alive today have ever seen. Some of the vistas are simply stunning,” said Mike Reynolds of Lone Rock Boat Rentals on the lake. Lone Rock rents pontoon boats for those interested in cruising around, fishing or just spending time on the water.

Mr. Reynolds said the exposed rock is drawing photographers in particular, from everywhere. “They just can’t get enough of these rock formations,” he said.

A recent report from National Public Radio said the drought is “revealing America’s lost national park.”

While many watercraft, houseboats mostly, are having a hard time, (this is not accurate) smaller boats that can float in shallower water are still finding plenty of space to get around. Pontoon boats can also carry paddle boards and kayaks so people can cruise up to even shallower water and then get in the small craft to venture farther into slot canyons.

A new ramp, wider to accommodate more launches, is working at Stateline Auxiliary Ramp. Besides which, Lone Rock Rentals already has boats in the water ready to go when visitors arrive. The company is the only one to do this.

“In addition to the exposed rock, the dropping water levels and the drought are concentrating wildlife. We are seeing critters that we hardly ever saw before. I saw a river otter last week!” Mr. Reynolds said. “We don’t like the drought, but for people who want to experience some of nature’s amazing marvels, this is a great time to come.”

People are able to get out, wade or take a smaller boat up to the exposed shoreline in many places. There, they can see what the reservoir has done and what the river did before the dam was put into place.

“You can see recent events right next to thousands, millions of years of history. Literally, you can see these two things inches apart,” Mr. Reynolds said. “I’m still stunned every time I go out for a ride.”

The lake still has plenty of open water as well. It still has 170 miles of water and is more than 300 feet deep in places.To reserve your boat, visit https://lonerockboatrentals.com/lone-rock-dock/

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