Driven By A Deep Message, New Album \’Where Am I\’ Offers A Diverse Array Of Genres, From Solo Artist Colacoaster!

Guitarist and songwriter Colacoaster draws his influence from a diverse collection of musicians ranging from Sonic Youth to Depeche mode. The end result of the brilliant amalgam of artists that make up Colacoaster’s musical tastes, is difficult to pin down. With a brilliant combination of sound, the influences seem to go beyond that which is the very sum of its parts.

Solo artist Colacoaster began his musical career as a guitar player heavily influenced by British pop bands such as the Smiths, The Cure, and Tindersticks. This is what formed the backbone of his sound, as did his love for more progressive artists including Sonic Youth, Depeche Mode, and Soft Cell. He brought these influences into his first recorded album. This was during the time he spent as the lead guitar player for an Austrian band called Edible Skier.

Later on, he recorded three more albums with the Austrian band Casino Royal, “Long Live the Pros” in 1999, “Rabble Rouser” in 2003, and “The Restless Years” in 2008. Songs from these albums found their way onto many samplers released in the USA, Austria, Finland, England and Italy. Two of their tracks also appeared on a movie and on German and Austrian television.

Today, Colacoaster is a purely instrumental solo act that draws on all of his influence and past musical endeavors. Using Cubase, Native Instruments, and Spectrasonics, he creates his unique blend of rock and synth music with a wide range of instruments including a Vintage Gretsch Country Gentleman, Vintage Guild M75, Fender Jaguar, Gibson ES335, and live drum kit. “Where Am I” was mastered at Goldlack Records in Vienna.

Over the next few months, Colacoaster plans on making videos for some select tracks from “Where Am I” and preparing for live shows, which will take some preparation. He requires a setup that will allow for backing tracks, but still provide enough room for improvisation! He also plans to have other musicians record tracks from the album, but wants to remain solo as a live performer. Although all of this may sound difficult to accomplish, it is something that he is very much looking forward to. He also plans to release a vinyl version of “Where Am I” in the spring of 2017.

Colacoaster’s brilliant instrumental masterpiece “Where Am I” is currently available on CD Baby, and all other digital musical outlets worldwide.

For more information on Colacoaster and to see what the future holds for his unique progressive work, check out his site at or

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