Drilleys Launches a Collection of Lovely Eco-Friendly Bags in the Market

August 9, 2021 – Drilleys has introduced a collection of beautiful eco-friendly bags into the market intending to meet new market demand for affordable bags. The USA-based company makes its bags and other products from environmentally friendly as a contribution to protecting mother earth.

Commenting on the idea behind the eco-bags, a spokesperson of the company said, “We have specially designed eco-friendly bags with the idea to completely outdate synthetic bags, which can cause so much damage to our beautiful Earth. We believe going eco is more stylish, long-lasting, and safe – and not to mention, our bags are washable and water-resistant!”

Since its establishment in 2005, Drilleys’ focus has always been on using a manufacturing process that does not harm the planet.

Speaking about the company, a spokesperson said, ”We know we need to adapt, so we keep changing and improving our processes for the planet. Our accessories aren′t just beautiful and comfortable. They are also made in an environmentally conscientious way. We use organic cotton, linen, hand-dyed fabrics, and recycled materials to build our products. We prefer no-waste pattern-making and production, and design everything locally in Florida, USA.”

Drilleys aims to fully meet the varying needs of persons who are looking for perfect bags that will meet their everyday needs. Therefore, they have crafted different bags for everyone, regardless of gender, age, and status, or even social class.

Drilleys boasts of high-quality and durable bags made of varying materials as a way of stamping their authority in the competitive market of reusable bags. These include Cotton, Canvas, Organic cotton and Canvas, and Jute. Not only does the company use the best materials to manufacture bags, but they also have the right tools, and an experienced team of experts with the knowledge and skill to craft the best bags consumers will love.

By manufacturing eco-friendly bags, Drilleys has joined other major brands in clamoring for environment conservation issues.

To check out all Drilleys environmentally friendly bags and order yours, visit https://drilleys.com/category/eco-bag/36/.  

About Drilleys

Drilleys was founded in 2005 by Jackson King and Jay Stipe, a pair of top shoes designers who believed passionately that fashion and the environment shouldn′t have to be sacrificed for each other. Drilleys has ethics and sustainability bred into its core. They use environmentally friendly materials such as jute and organic cotton, and provide jobs to artisans who handcraft these bags and work in line with fair labor laws.

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