Dreamyoungs Inc. (CEO Im-su Jung) has launched the beta version of a novel blog platform, “durumis,” which translates and posts blog articles in global languages.

Writing and Broadcasting

durumis” is a platform that enables users to easily write articles and promote them worldwide. Once a user writes an article, generative AI automatically translates it into 38 languages and broadcasts it globally.

Through this service, users can share their writings with 5.3 billion internet users worldwide. Currently, in its beta version, it supports 18 languages, with plans to expand to 38 languages through future updates. Membership registration and article posting are free of charge.

 Key Features and Characteristics

  • Articles written in Korean are automatically translated and published in 38 languages by generative AI.

  •  Data is replicated across servers distributed in various regions worldwide, allowing readers to access articles quickly.

  •  Generative AI automatically creates article previews and summaries upon writing.

  • The AI recommends hashtags automatically when writing.

  •  Articles are easily discoverable through Google search engine optimization (SEO).

  •  Article authors can generate revenue by registering with Google AdSense.

  •  Authors can use Google Analytics to check page statistics.

  •  All features are provided free of charge to both authors and readers.

  •  More features, such as comments and recommendations, will be added in future updates.

Translation Method

Like the Galaxy S24’s translation feature, “durumis” utilizes generative AI for translations. Unlike conventional machine translations, generative AI considers context and linguistic nuances to provide smoother and more natural translations.

“durumis” offers users a new blogging experience by translating a single language into global languages and providing article summarization features using AI. Users can write in their native language anytime, anywhere, and powerful AI functions automatically translate the blog into worldwide languages. This is especially beneficial for startups needing global promotion or tourist attractions wishing to attract visitors through blogs in foreign languages.


  • Read news from around the world, overcoming language barriers, including news from remote areas.

  • Long texts required for social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter can be written and read in text form, with the added benefit of Google AdSense advertising revenue.

  • Discover hidden tourist attractions and restaurants known only to locals, like Italian eateries known only to Italians or Korean restaurants known only to Koreans, in your own language.

  • Communicate and access information more easily in multiple languages about diverse content on OTT platforms.

  • Easily promote companies’ SaaS or B2C services in multiple languages.

Introduction to Dreamyoungs Inc. 

Dreamyoungs Inc., founded in May 2015 as a corporation, initially engaged in the AI chatbot business before pivoting to launch “durumis.” “durumis” is a global language blog service platform that allows users to write and promote articles worldwide easily. Through “durumis,” users can write in multiple languages, and efficiently blog using hashtag recommendations and AI features for enhanced visibility.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dreamyoungs Inc.
Contact Person: Imsu Jung
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Country: South Korea
Website: https://durumis.com