Dream Factory Studio Launches “Cabeon”: An Animated Adventure of Friendship, Battles, and Ultimate Mastery

Dream Factory Studio launches ‘Cabeon’: A thrilling 3D animated series of friendship, battles, and ultimate mastery.

Dream Factory Studio is thrilled to introduce “Cabeon,” a captivating 3D animated TV series that promises to enchant audiences with its vibrant storytelling, rich characters, and action-packed sequences. Set in a world where humans coexist with enigmatic creatures known as CABEONs, the show follows the journey of Wooju, a young dreamer, and his CABEON companion, Kuri.


In a peaceful world threatened by the sinister Black Dane, whose mission is to turn CABEONs black and conquer the globe, a group of Masters emerges to defend humanity. This leads to the establishment of the CABEON training academy, where Wooju, a country boy with big dreams, enrolls alongside his faithful CABEON, Kuri.

The show unfolds in a format of an 11-minute episode series, each packed with thrilling battles, tests, and duels. “Cabeon” promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with a perfect blend of hip, cool, and action-packed sequences that appeal to audiences aged 7 to 10.

The world of “Cabeon” introduces viewers to an extraordinary coexistence between humans and CABEONs, mysterious creatures that transform from cards into monsters. As light energies rain down, these creatures, gifted with superhuman abilities, maintain harmonious connections with humans. However, some CABEONs turn dark, causing chaos.

Recognizing the need for Masters to communicate and control CABEONs, the CABEON Academy is established. Wooju, fueled by dreams of becoming a Master, embarks on a journey at the academy with his CABEON, Kuri. The series follows their growth journey, featuring independent plots with summoning and skill displays in each episode.

“Cabeon” introduces Wooju, a young boy with aspirations to become the ultimate CABEON Master. Accompanied by his beloved pet Kuri, Wooju enrolls in the prestigious CABEON Academy to refine his skills. Alongside newfound friends, he navigates challenges, engages in friendly competitions, and strives to enhance his abilities.

As the infamous Black Clan emerges, seeking to corrupt pure-hearted CABEONs, Wooju and his companions must rise above threats, grow courageously strong, and protect their world. The show presents a remarkable journey where Wooju and Kuri stand at the precipice of destiny, evolving into ultimate partners and true heroes.”Cabeon” promises to be a groundbreaking animated series, offering a unique blend of adventure, friendship, and mastery. Dream Factory Studio invites audiences to embark on this thrilling journey with Wooju and Kuri as they face challenges, forge unbreakable bonds, and strive to become the mightiest CABEON Masters.

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Dream Factory Studio is a leading animation studio dedicated to creating captivating and imaginative content for global audiences. With a focus on quality storytelling and visually stunning animation, the studio continues to push the boundaries of creativity in the world of animation.

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