Dream Dream AI.com Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign for Home Artificial Intelligence Phone

January 10th, 2018 – Dream Dream AI.com, anartificial intelligence smart home accessories companyhas launched a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo to assist in the production of Home artificial intelligence phone. The company aims at raising $65,000 within a period of two months. In developing the new Home artificial intelligence phone, Dream Dream AI.com aims at solving the problems that characterize the more common variety of artificial intelligence machines in the market.

Chun Fai Au Yeung of Dream Dream AI.com said that the current smart devices are affected by the distance. “In an event that the position of the sound source exceeds the distance of the smart device, then there is a problem, it cannot receive the instruction to perform the operation,” said Yeung while outlining the problems his company aims at solving through developing the new Home artificial intelligence phone. He also adds that the remote control of the smart home requires help App to achieve the control of the smart home.

Dream Dream AI.com says that the fund will go to the department of the factory production and administration. The amount will help in producing the device as well as meeting other expenses related to the process. The design and prototype of the product is ready with the funds expected to boost heavily on the production process.

The device when complete will come with a home artificial intelligence phone, a phone connection line and an Android Cantonese voice assistant app.

For more information visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/home-artificial-intelligence-phone-smart/x/12129244#

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