Dr. Valeka Moore Presents “The Brilliance Book”

“The Breaking To Brilliance anthology shares the journeys of 15 bold women who have encountered great difficulties and heart- breaking experiences, yet share their testimonies of overcoming as blueprints to help other amazing women.”

Dr. Valeka Moore has experienced the difficulties of hardships, disappointments and pain throughout life, yet was confident she would not let these experiences go to waste. Dr. Moore realizes that it has all worked together to prepare and position her for this very moment, the one in which she presents The Breaking To Brilliance, an anthology sharing the journeys of 15 bold women that serve as a blueprint for helping others navigate their own hardships and disappointments.

She can hold her head up, throw her shoulders back, and walk confidently in her God-given purpose and brilliance. She is healed. She is an overcomer. She has been graced with a special anointing to help other women overcome their personal trials of life. She realizes that even in its rough state, the diamond is already valuable. And now she has emerged from her rough diamond experience and shines with a brilliance that can no longer be dimmed!

The Breaking To Brilliance anthology shares the journeys of fifteen bold, courageous and powerful women, who have encountered some great difficulties and heartbreaking, jaw-dropping experiences. They share their testimonies of going through and overcoming and offer their journeys as blueprints to help other amazing women move from being stuck, burdened and broken through a process of change and healing. Each chapter will have you captivated and leave you encouraged and empowered, and the application strategies will jumpstart your personal process of change and healing!

For more information, please visit www.drvalekamoore.com.

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